Unleash ends, Dracon has a new case

29 Apr


Unleash ends, Dracon has a new case

This month, we say goodbye to our comic-soon-to-be-movie, UNLEASH and it says goodbye with a BANG! And the bodyguard from the future ALAN DRACON has a new case that will confront him with his shady past as contract killer…

Both books are receiving raving reviews! What are you waiting to preorder them and support the Amigo cause?

Alan Dracon #3 (of 6)


Writer: Stefano Martino
Artist: Stefano Martino
UPC Code: 708022654125—00311

A bodyguard’s job is never easy. Not only he has to worry about the Yakuza assassin named Killer Kanoo, but also Alan has to protect an Exo-Archeologist who has found a strange monolith… which revives ghosts from Alan’s shady past.
And he only wanted to declare his love to his friend Oni…

Alan Dracon is the dear creation of Italian artist Stefano Martino, who have worked on series such as Doctor Who, Warlord of Mars, Catwoman and George R.R. Martin’s Doorways. He is currently working on titles like Nosferatu and Oracle, and we Amigos are very proud to publish his creator-owned sci-fi series Alan Dracon.

“With outstanding pencil work and a hell of an entertaining story, Alan Dracon is the fun, new must-read book that reminds us how good comic books can be.” —Carl Boehm, Comic Bastards

“With a great concept, strong story pacing and wonderful characterization complemented by some stunning interiors this is the kind of thrill ride that makes roller coasters jealous.” —Steven Leitman, Reading with a Flight Ring

Unleash #4 (of 4)


Writer: Jennifer Van Gessel, El Torres
Artists: Nacho Tenorio, Sergio Mora
Cover Artist:  David López
UPC Code: 708022654118—00411
(Mature Themes)

Final issue! Emmie finally closes in on her attacker as the dark persona takes over. Once her attacker is revealed, however she is faced with a dilemma that changes everything.
And the mysterious man called The Machine can only watch as his number one student surpasses all expectations.

Words by El Torres and screenwriter Jennifer Van Gessel, with interior pages by Nacho Tenorio and Sergio Mora (Dark Shadows, Army of Darkness, Rogues: Odd Parenthood), this issue features a special cover by popular maestro David López, famed by his run at Catwoman and Captain Marvel!

Unleash is in production process to become a movie this 2016!


“Unleash is the most challenging book I’ve read in a while. To entertain is to provoke emotion and this book certainly did that for me. (…) is the type of book that gets under your skin and stays there long after you’ve put it down.” —Isaac Quattlebaum, Comic Bastards

“Unleashed is a brutally twisted revenge story; a kind of which that is growing more popular with todays expanding comic book audience. Both of the writers, Jennifer Van Gessel and El Torres, display their strong grasp on the purpose of dialogue, and pacing of exposition. Then the two artists, Nacho Tenorio and Sergio Mora, take these skills and weave them into a gorgeous tapestry.” —Dylan Hicks, Comic Crusaders.

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