The Wolf is back!

09 Mar


The Wolf is back!

As it was revealed to some of you, Amigo is proud to announce the return of the avatar of the North, the one who teaches us to fight, to protect, to survive: The Ghost Wolf! A new story of the characters introduced in the acclaimed first miniseries, that can be read independently.  El Torres’ epic barbarian saga begins anew!
But also don’t miss the weird revenge thriller par excellence. From Ertito Montana comes the finale of the first arc (yes, there’ll be more) of the cult-exploitation-kung-fu comic: Street Tiger! First issues have been received with applause from critics and reviewers… A smash hit that you will enjoy!

Ghost Wolf: The Horde of Fangs #1 (of 4)

Writer: El Torres
Art: JuanFra MB
Color: Pilar Jaime
UPC Code: 732030830813—00111

An age of peace. The North was finally changing. Seaports were opened to trade, new settlements flourished… Until a horde of callous warriors joined to lay waste to the northern lands, claiming that all foreigners must die… and that the Ghost Wolf is with them! But Mara, the last warrior taking the mantle of the demigod, has other thoughts!

The acclaimed miniseries Ghost Wolf from award-winner writer El Torres thunders its way to comic shops with a new story arc! A bloody and vengeful epic saga that all sword-and-sorcery aficionados must read, with the spectacular art by new talent JuanFra MB!

And these Ghost Wolf miniseries has received a “Spotlight On” from Previews!  Is your axe ready?!

Street Tiger #3

Writer and Artist: Ertito Montana
UPC Code: 732030830806—00311

Somewhere in the city slums, Street Tiger wakes up, not even remembering how he survived the explosion and the brutal beating from Egghead’s goon, the Shark. Meanwhile, at the city suburbs of Barrio Crema, what seems to be a drug deal takes place. But as always happens in Nam City, nothing is what it seems!

With an original graphic style, Spanish creator Ertito Montana brings the action of every pulp, exploitation movie, plenty of martial arts, callous gangs and skull-breaking bats!

“I f***ing love this comic – it’s violent, well-written, blackly funny and pretty damn great in every regard. Imagine if you took an artist like Adrian Tomine or Peter Bagge and told them to create the most grindhouse/kung fu/B-grade schlock action epic ever and THIS would be what they might come up with…if they were HALF AS GOOD as Spanish creator Ertito Montana.”

—Dann Lennard, Kirby Your Enthusiasm

Street Tiger #4


Writer and Artist: Ertito Montana
UPC Code: 732030830806—00411

Street Tiger is back to work, but this time he isn’t alone! After his failure taking down the Crime Lord Egghead, the Nam City vigilante enlists the help of the deadly Black Dove. Don’t miss the last issue of this head-busting, knuckle-cracking, exploitation comic by innovative artist Ertito Montana.

“I would encourage anyone that’s been looking for a small press/indie book to sink their teeth into to check out Street Tiger. Street Tiger is different, adventurous in its storytelling and art style and let’s not forget weird. Street Tiger is a weird book, and I’ve been dying to read a weird book for a while.”

—Dustin Cabeal, Comic Bastards