The Santeria DRUMS are thundering!

25 Jun


The Santeria DRUMS are thundering!

From the ancient times of… well, only five years ago, we rescue and compile one of the horror books that El Torres is most proud of… We talk about the Voodoo-Santeria horror story DRUMS which was first released at the incredible publishing company Image Comics. But never in trade paperback, so the copies remaining are few and expensive.
But let’s not forget about the bodyguard from the future ALAN DRACON, who is having certain dire problems…

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Alan Dracon #4 (of 6)


Writer: Stefano Martino
Artist: Stefano Martino
UPC Code: 708022654125—00411

There’s no rest for a bodyguard in the near future! Alan Dracon has proven himself a threat for the Yakuza. And the Japanese mafia has an unique way to get rid of problems: Killer Kanoo is out for Alan`s blood!

Don’t miss the awesome art in this book!

Alan Dracon is the dear creation of Italian artist Stefano Martino, who have worked on series such as Doctor Who, Warlord of Mars, Catwoman and George R.R. Martin’s Doorways. He is currently working on titles like Nosferatu and Oracle, and we Amigos are very proud to publish his creator-owned sci-fi series Alan Dracon.

“With outstanding pencil work and a hell of an entertaining story, Alan Dracon is the fun, new must-read book that reminds us how good comic books can be.” —Carl Boehm, Comic Bastards

Page of Alan Dracon

Page of Alan Dracon

Drums (TP)


Writer: El Torres
Artists: Abel García, Kwaichang Kraneo
Cover Artist:  Raul Allen
ISBN Code: 978-84-16486-38-0
(Mature Themes)

At last, the whole story in one volume! FBI Agent Martin Irons is tasked to investigate the bizarre deaths at a Santeria ritual in the heart of Florida. As a foreboding storm swarms over the city, one of the victims comes back as a zombie and put Iron’s case in a whole new category. With the Santeria drums beating as the thunder rolls, Irons and his team look to find answers for the deaths, while also trying to prevent more tragedy!
This trade paperpack compiles the acclaimed and impossible-to-find miniseries DRUMS, published at Image Comics back in 2011, now for the very first time in trade paperback!

Focusing on the incredible covers by top artist Raul Allen, and the art by Kwaichang Kraneo and Abel García (also known as Abe Hernando, artist of our title The Westwood Witches),  Chris Arrant at Newsarama did an extensive interview, back in 2011. You can read it here.  And also, Bloody Disgusting did another awesome interview that you can read here.

“The horror is excellent as well with heightened tension through use of environment (i.e. storms) and mystery. Recently, there has been a renaissance of scares in the medium and this has the potential grab a piece of that.” —Eric Whitman, Daily Blam

“What begins as an investigation into ritual mass suicide during a severe thunderstorm turns into the creeping doom of a supernatural ancient evil. El Torres’ religious research is thorough, completing this mini-series with elements real enough to scare even the most rational of us.” —Christian Sager, CNN.

And, as you can see, DRUMS has earned a “Spotlight on” in the Previews catalog! Read below the first 7 pages!Captura de pantalla 2016-06-25 a las 21.23.23

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