Spring blast! Alan Dracon and Unleash issue #2!

28 Feb


Spring blast! Alan Dracon and Unleash issue #2!

One of our most talked-about new books of 2016, UNLEASH, is just getting started in issue #2! Acclaimed artists Nacho Tenorio and Sergio Mora, with Jennifer Van Gessel’s story and words by El Torres, tell us the story of assault survivor Emmie and her inner struggle… which is becoming much worse.

But there’s more! The ironic, tough-as-nails bodyguard from the future ALAN DRACON, creation by Stefano Martino, finds himself trapped between a rock and a technological bad place…

Alan Dracon #2 (of 6)


Writer: Stefano Martino
Artist: Stefano Martino
UPC Code: 708022654125—00211

Alan Dracon, bodyguard, has found that his last contract is giving him a lot of head­aches: his feelings for the corporate Oni, Doctor Harkell’s bizarre biocreations, the macabre visions from the future of his friend Matt, and the activa­tion of the deadly tech-operative Kanoo!

Alan Dracon is the dear creation of Italian artist Stefano Martino, who have worked on series such as Doctor Who, Warlord of Mars, Catwoman and George R.R. Martin’s Doorways. He is currently working on titles like Nosferatu and Oracle, and we Amigos are very proud to publush his creator-owned sci-fi series Alan Dracon.

Unleash #2 (of 4)


Writer: Jennifer Van Gessel, El Torres
Artists: Nacho Tenorio, Sergio Mora, Veronica R. Lopez
Cover Artist: Diego Galindo
UPC Code: 708022654118—00211
(Mature Themes)

Emmie and the strange masked man she refers to as “the Machine” have learned that before their twisted crime-fighting plans can be real­ized, Emmie must track down and con­front some demons from her past. Things get complicated when her detective father hires an ex-gangsta to find them without knowing that it is in fact his own daughter perpetrating the crimes.

Words by El Torres and screenwriter Jennifer Van Gessel, issue #2 features art by Diego Galindo (Red Agent, Rogues:The) with interior pages by Nacho Tenorio and Sergio Mora (Dark Shadows, Army of Darkness, Rogues: Odd Parenthood).

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