September is fine for aliens to attack.

17 Dec


September is fine for aliens to attack.

While Metis is getting trouble with Desmodus, aliens are almost getting human life to extinction. Don’t miss a beat and yam this gorgeous September with AMIGO Comics.

Rise of the Tyrant vol 1 #2

Writer: Massimo Rosi
Art:  Luca Panciroli & Pamela Poggiali
UPC Code: 689247545774-00211
SEP191462 – STL134770
28 pages FC

Episode 2: Vortex

Everything falls into a spiral of panic. Alien invasion is wiping out our planet’s resources and spreading a pandemic that could make Humankind extinct. The only thing that stands between annihilation and us is… just a family and the giant combat robot they designed: The Emerald Tyrant.

Apocalypse Girl vol 2 #3: Revolution

Writer: Colleen Douglas
Art: Ramiro Borrallo & Bruna Costa
Cover: Ramiro Borrallo
UPC Code: 689247545767-00311
SEP191461 – STL134769
28 pages FC

For his beliefs Desmodus would do anything, threaten his allies or cajole them with their greatest fears. But this time Metis has friends, real ones she can count on. And most importantly who TRUST her and help her to overcome the darkness inside…friends that teach her to never surrender.

Our favorite writer Colleen Douglas keeps telling us the tale of Metis. Our fan-favorite Ramiro Borrallo keeps doing the art of The Apocalypse Girl, this time with the colors of Bruna Costa. She’s growing up but she’s as charming as ever!

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