Rogues! 2 TP

Rogues! 2 TP


This volume contains issues 1 to 6 of ROGUES!: THE COLD SHIP Published in the United States by AMIGO COMICS, this fun and adventurous series has been described as a book that “put the 80s fantasy/sword and sorcery feel in today’s storytelling.”

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The cold ship

In the mythical city of Gerada, Pearl of the South and Cradle of Humanity, Bram and the thief known as the Weasel, try to survive and deal with the multiple dangers and adventures that, literally, hang over them. The spectacular art of Lolita Aldea illustrates a new adventure of our rogues, whose friendship will be put to the test when one gloomy night, a dark ship appears in Geradas’ harbor, and the grim crew commands Bram, the Northerner, to join them in their deadly quest to kill the last dragon!

Behold the most epic battle in the story with the most epic battles known to men, women, and fantastical  reatures! DRAGONS! KRAKENS! DRAUGRS! Uhhh… LOTS OF COOL WORDS IN CAPS!

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