Rogues! 1 TP

Rogues! 1 TP


This volume contains issues 1 to 6 of ROGUES! Published in the United States by AMIGO COMICS, which meant the return of the first characters ever created by EL TORRES and RYP, and which received acclaim both from readers and critics.

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The curse of the chicken and other stories

In the mythical city of Gerada, Pearl of the South and Cradle of Humanity, Bram and the thief known as the Weasel, try to survive and deal with the multiple dangers and adventures that, literally, hang over them. From the poultry-ish and terrible consequences derived from the kidnapping of a wizard’s daughter, to the incursions into cursed and forgotten cemeteries to summon a lich, as well as being chased by bounty hunters and Black Guards, or being thrown into a prison for women, joining the Brotherhood of Thieves, and even guiding some assassins through the underground tunnels of the city in a shady mission, always wielding a sword… Being a rogue isn’t an easy job!

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