October Apocalyptic Fest!

17 Dec


October Apocalyptic Fest!

Great Apocalypse Girl vol. 2 closing number, and more aliens for Tyrant to fight har. What else could you ask for?

Rise of the Tyrant vol 1 #3

Writer: Massimo Rosi
Art:  Luca Panciroli & Pamela Poggiali
UPC Code: 689247545774-00311
OCT191568 – STL138027
28 pages FC

Episode 3: WE ARE ONE

The alien invaders have learned to evolve, to hide among us, and to attack us in new ways. This fuels an atmosphere of terror and paranoia. Meanwhile, a new Golem arrives, attacking Japan. Ryan must return to the Emerald Tyrant to stop this new giant monster.

Apocalypse Girl vol 2 #4: Liberty

Writer: Colleen Douglas
Art: Ramiro Borrallo & Bruna Costa
Cover: Ramiro Borrallo
UPC Code: 689247545767-00411
OCT191567 – STL138026
28 pages FC

The final test for Metis and her friends as they confront Desmodus! He has Mr B, he knows Metis’ weakness: the love she has for her friends. But can a monster defy its nature? Now Metis must triumph over her inner darkness and show her friends that their trust is well placed… or unleash Hell once again.

Brilliant ending for this volume 2. Colleen Douglas keeps telling us the tale of Metis. Our fan-favorite Ramiro Borrallo keeps doing the art of The Apocalypse Girl, this time with the colors of Bruna Costa. She’s growing up but she’s as charming as ever!

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