Nancy is back… in Hell! And we welcome Sallybooks kid’s imprint. All in June!

22 Mar


Nancy is back… in Hell! And we welcome Sallybooks kid’s imprint. All in June!

We have great news in our April solicits! From the mind of El Torres, his creation along with Juan José Ryp is back… Nancy in Hell! This time with the art of Abel Cicero! Nancy’s chainsaw cuts as sharp as always! With covers by maestro Ariel Olivetti and Diego Olmos!

But that’s not all: Colleen Douglas and André Stahlschmidt continue telling us cosmic horrors… as you’ve never seen them in Titan! One of the most valued comics we’ve had!

It is also the last episode of Tales of Rogues!  We are so proud to have Spanish authors José Luis Vidal and El Flores presenting us one of the funniest Rogues adventures ever: Silence in the Dungeon!

But the most important news that we present to you is our line of children’s and young people’s books. We join Spanish company Sallybooks to present delicious stories for all ages! The first self-concluding volumes are Magpie World and Cloe and the Cloud!

Nancy in Hell #1

Writer: El Torres
Art: Abel Cicero
Color: Alexandra Thone
Cover: Ariel Olivetti
Alternate Cover: Diego Olmos

UPC Code: 713482801880—00111

Alternate cover:APR181275-STL082116
UPC Code: 713482801880—00121 (ratio 10:1)
28 pages FC

It’s a new start for Nancy in Hell! The wildest one in Hell and her trusty chainsaw are finally back, but it’s not like you expected! After her death, Nancy awakens in Hell. A vast wasteland crossed by a single road, absorbing those who end there. Nancy just tries to survive the relentless demon chase. And, lost in the distance, the fallen angel -but still, an angel- Lucifer keeps calling her to rescue her.

After two miniseries and a crossover with Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon, there’s still a lot to tell, prior to her pilot debut! You can check out the pilot at IMDB, which was funded via Kickstarter.

“It’s a new story, a jumping point in the Nancy story”, declared creator El Torres. “We’re not going to disregard her past adventures. But now we will try to offer a new perspective. Yes, there will be gore, but I’m proud to say it’s not an easy going story. Also, to have artists like Ariel Olivetti doing our covers it’s a real rush for me!”

Just for $2,99! And Retailer incentive cover, served 1:10, by Diego Olmos!

 “This new Nancy In Hell explodes in your hands and mind’s eye like Geoff Darrow’s Shemp Buffet. A wasteland, chainsaws, badass characters and demons galore!”
– Comicsforsinners

Titan #2 (of 4): Palingenesis

Writer: Colleen Douglas
Art: André Stahlschmidt
Color: Wesllei Manoel
UPC Code: 713482801873-00211
32 pages FC

From the mind of Colleen Douglas and the art of André Stahlschmidt arrives a twist about the Lovecraftian entities… As you’ve never seen them before! Titan is the new Mother of Monsters and she has enemies both ancient and blood-related. Family can be hell, when they want the world, your world, just to pluck it apart, like a child with a spider.

Cosmic Gods have no laws and all rules are open to interpretation, but there is one they follow:“None Shall Be Greater Than Another.” The ages have now changed, requiring the Old Ones to adapt to a modern society and all that entails. But their feuds are not forgotten!

A new science fiction miniseries that gives us another vision of the cosmic horror entities!

Tales of Rogues! #6 (of 6): Silence in the Dungeon!

Writer: José Luis Vidal
Art: El Flores
UPC Code: 713482801859—00611
APR181276 – STL082118
32 pages FC

Each month, we will present a book with a different team. Some stories take place in the Rogues continuity, but others are “Elseworlds”. We just wanted to give our creators complete freedom to show how cool their stories and their skills are! Overwhelmed by debts, Bram and Weasel have no choice but to accept a crazy proposal… Enter a cursed dungeon, without waking up any of its lethal residents! Tales of Rogues presents new stories by talented Spanish artists based on our crafty picaros. This time it’s the turn of cartoonists José Luis Vidal and El Flores! 

Did you miss Adventure Time? Take your chance with this Tales of Rogues!


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the presentation of Sallybooks, a publishing house where the little readers will be the ones are the protagonists! The ones giving life to the stories inhabiting each comic and illustrated children’s book. Imaginative books for clever children from 0 to 90 years old! Visual stories capable of dazzling the whole family with a fresh premise, full of color and innovative art style.

To know more of Sallybooks, click here! (In Spanish)

Cloe and the Cloud

Writer and Art: Nuria Aparicio (LaPendeja)
ISBN: 9788417255060-50995
APR181272 – STL082123
7,87 x 10,23 inches. 52 pages,  FC.
For ages 3+

Sallybooks and Amigo bring the best for kids and young readers! Cloe is a cheerful and likeable girl who is always laughing and having fun. One day Cloe is playing and suddenly… Rain! A lost cloud will make Chloe become an investigator and try to find Cloud’s family.

“The plot is simple and accurate, and it all revolves around friendship, family and teamwork. Values, no doubt, ideal to teach to children.”

Magpie World

Writer: Carlos X Díaz
Art: Guillermo Monje
APR181273 – STL082125
7,87 x 10,23 inches. 68 pages,  FC.
For ages 11+

Alex longs for knowing the world. A strong force makes him want to know more and more about him, his curiosity. But Alex doesn’t know the world is even bigger and odd than what he could imagine. Along his way, he will know the Nature forces and, above all, he will know himself.

“With a complete universe, full of quirky characters, Magpie World is a comic book with a fairytale soul that encourages to be reread.”

“In Magpie World, the easiest and funniest thing to do is simply to let oneself go and enter in a different way to defend nature, with enthusiasm and curiosity.”
–Comic Para Todos

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