Love Thy Neighbor: The Westwood Witches TP!

22 May


Love Thy Neighbor: The Westwood Witches TP!

Hello there amigos! We are -finally!- releasing our first trade paperbacks, and we are really happy to present you the long-awarded trade of The Westwood Witches, the acclaimed and really-hard-to-find horror miniseries, written by El Torres and with art by Abel García and the hot artist Ángel Hernández! For this volume, we have redrawn the original third episode, which now features art by Ángel Hernández.

But that’s not all. Since we were getting a lot of re-orders, we are re-soliciting Rogues! Odd Parenthood, the fourth volume of the adventures of our favorite rascals, with the amazing art by Nacho Tenorio and Sergio Mora. 

So, preorder them before they got run out!

The Westwood Witches TP

TWW cover

Cover by Ángel Hernández

Writer: El Torres
Artists: Abel García, Ángel Hernández
Cover Artist: Ángel Hernández
ISBN Code: 9788416074761-51999

Jack Kurtzberg is a successful writer of young witch romance bestsellers… and he hates it so much. Suffering from writer’s block after the death of his dear brother, he decides to move back to his hometown, not knowing that his new neighbours are witches, the kind of demon worshippers that would kill anyone who could disturb their dominion  in Westwood.

This volume reprints the critically acclaimed horror miniseries THE WESTWOOD WITCHES published by AMIGO COMICS,  leading us into the extraordinaire story of a coven of beautiful, blood-thirsty witches hiding in plain sight and how their destinies are inextricably linked with writer Jack Kurtzberg.

Some of the reviews:

 “The Westwood Witches is a brilliant piece of thoughtful modern horror (…) El Torres writes with such a fresh angle and innovative detail that it feels like he is creating the genre.”

–The Pullbox

“It feels like it’s hard to find good horror comics nowadays, and The Westwood Witches is that salvation in these troubled times.”

Cameron Hatheway ,Bleeding Cool
“They completely blew me away (…) Torres is more than generous with the three things that shape powerful modern horror—sex, violence, and gore—while the artists compliment this character-driven story with truly haunting images.”
Geeks of Doom

“These women arent your friendly neighborhood Wiccans. They are blood thirsty, sinisterand insanely hot women channeling a greater darkness than you would imagine.”
-Christine Caprilozzi,  Horror Network

“The most impressive thing to me is the set up of mood. The writing, the art, both create an unease throughout the book.”
-Brett Schenker,  Graphic Policy

Rogues! Odd Parenthood #1


Cover by Nacho Tenorio and Sergio Mora

Nacho Tenorio (Army of Darkness, Dark Shadows) and El Torres are proud to announce an all-new story of your favorite thieves: Bram and Weasel! Their boldest job until now, breaking into the most guarded palace in Gerada, had an unexpected outcome… An insufferable baby!
Writer: El Torres
Artists: Nacho Tenorio, Sergio Mora
Cover Artist: Nacho Tenorio, Sergio Mora
UPC Code: 700598854251-00111

Re-soliciting the entire miniseries -which can be read independently of the previous ones!