Bye Tyrant, hi Ghost Wolf and Barb!

17 Dec


Bye Tyrant, hi Ghost Wolf and Barb!

Don’t you think when you are getting closer to someone ever is the moment he leaves? The Emerald Tyrant say goodbye, but old-good-friends arrive to make us easier to go over this pity.

Ghost Wolf vol 3, #1 of 4

Writer: Massimo Rosi
Art: Vito Coppola & Viviana Di Chiara
Cover: Vito Coppola & Viviana Di Chiara
UPC Code: 795853417043-00111
28 pages FC

Keep attention to demanded return of Ghost Wolf saga, now with script by Massimo Rosi, and a lot of old legends to be remembered.

Faith is mine.

When the old tales of light are told again, the old tales of darkness awake. After millen-nia, the nemesis of the Ghost Wolf will reveal themselves to Mara Wolf-Arm, Jarl of the Northern Wastes. And also to her son Lif, who now wears the mantle of the Spirit.

Rise of the Tyrant #4 of 4.

Writer: Massimo Rosi
Art: Luca Panciroli & Pamela Poggiani
Cover: Luca Panciroli & Pamela Poggiani
UPC Code: 689247545774-00411
NOV191392 – STL141340
28 pages FC

Episode 4: MORE AND MORE.

While the Emerald Tyrant is busy fighting in Japan, madness and fear are spreading among the people. People start to act irrationally, some even attacking those who are protecting them. A horrible turn of events that will cause Ryan to question if Humanity is worth saving.

Barbara the barbarian #1 of 3.

Writer: JOS
Cover Art: M. Díaz & Sonia Moruno
Art: M. Díaz & Friends
UPC Code: 689247545750-00311
NOV191390 – STL141343

Perhaps you remember The Sun of Trunza as fill in Rogues! vol. 5. Don’t you? Really? Doesn’t matter, my friend. Here is Barbara the barbarian and, in this occasion (we expect but, well nothing is sure), YOU WILL CANNOT FORGET HER!

After the failed robbery of the stone “Sun of Trunza” Barbara and her friends flee from Gerada to hide in the neighboring city of Hisopolis, where the Mad Demons Party is about to start. Street fights, wild chases and the Governor’s sinister plan are awaiting for our heroes! Action, sword and sorcery and a lot of comedy in this series set in the same world as ROGUES!

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