Beast No More…

21 Sep


Beast No More…

We say goodbye to El Torres and Ramiro Borrallo’s story about a troubled teen in troubled times THE APOCALYPSE GIRL! And, rescued in the troubled waters of the shipment that never arrived to the US coasts, BEAST NO MORE: METAMORPHOSIS one shot. Written by movie writer Jennifer Van Gessel with the amazing art by the renowned artist Joan Marín with colors by Leticia Morgado, featuring a guest cover by Guillermo Mogorron.

The Apocalypse Girl #3 (of 4)

Writer: El Torres
Art: Ramiro Borrallo
UPC Code: 732030830837—00411
OCT171113 – STL065664
32 pages FC

Is the Apocalypse a time to fall in love? And what if you don’t know who to love? Metis is trapped in the familiar tale of a love triangle but with complications. Not only because one of them is a survivor and the other the Silent Angel: Metis’ mummy mommy has a plan for her!


Alternate cover by Lolita Aldea!

Ramiro Borallo, with his distinctive style, has received a lot of attention and praise from readers and reviewers in Spain. His opera prima “SON”, received the “best Andalusian book”, the Desencaja Award at 2015! The Apocalypse Girl is his first complete miniseries.


Beast No More: Metamorphosis

Writer: Jennifer Van Gessel
Art: Joan Marin
Color: Veronica R. Lopez
Cover: Guillermo Mogorron
UPC Code: 603803997944—00111
OCT171114 – STL029328
32 pages FC

A prequel one-shot to accompany the feature film Beast No More, due for release 2017 starring Jessica Tovey and Dan Ewing. Set before events of the film, Metamorphosis tells the story of Blanch, a young country girl whose world is turned upside down when her beloved father returns from the Vietnam War. Father is behaving strangely, but it isn’t long before Blanch unravels his secrets and is left to make a choice that will send her down a horrific path.

Written by Jennifer Van Gessel, this comic is the prequel of Beast No More, the feature film: A woman suffering the loss of a child throws herself into work which leads to her uncovering the truth behind local urban tales of a “Mothman”. Check more in the IMDB page!

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