Barbara will see you next…

04 Feb


Barbara will see you next…

Almost without notice, the adventures of Barbara the Barbarian comes to an end and hopefully leaving us wanting more. But don’t fret, because the third volume of Ghost Wolf is still giving us a great deal of excitement and adventure!

And soon we will announce a new and surprising series. Until then… Ancient traditions, warrior spirits, unscrupulous thieves, massive fights and much, much more to begin the year with AMIGO Comics.

Ghost Wolf vol 3, #3 of 4

Writer: Massimo Rosi
Art: Vito Coppola
Cover: Viviana Di Chiara
UPC Code: 795853417043-00311
JAN201458 -STL147754
28 pages FC

The Voracious King

The Veil that separates the worlds is shredded and the Creature born by the joining of Those Who Could Not Die, is approaching to devour the world. There are amongst us who want it to come. And all the Ghost Wolves are dead… except for Leif and his mother Mara, who is fighting all the way to stop Zaltys’ ambitions!

Barbara the barbarian #3 of 3.

Writer: JOS
Cover Art: M. Díaz & Sonia Moruno
Art: M. Díaz & Antonio María
UPC Code: 795853417050-00311
JAN201457 – STL147753

A great battle as the finale of this series deserves. We’ve known the origins of Barbara plus new and wacky adventures. She says goodbye, but maybe our paths will cross again.

Welcome to the Demoncracy Festival, a festivity typical and quaint and… no! This is war! Be witness of the crudeness of the battles against hordes, the scheming of politicians, the plans of cunning rogues, the skill of sword-wielding warriors and the power of true love… all in this funny action-packed final issue!

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