August at Amigo! It’s hot! It’s FIRE!

06 Jun


August at Amigo! It’s hot! It’s FIRE!

Having a good time at the beach, enjoying some vacation? The characters of our comics doesn’t have time for that, I’m afraid. In Ghost Wolf: The Horde of Fangs, from El Torres and Juanfra MB, there are fights about who and what represents the Spirit of the North; In The Last Hunt, by Hannu Kesola, Janssens and Paul Moore the survivors of the Ragzon cargo ship are having a really rough time with some loose evil witches!
And we are offering again Planet of Daemons #3, from Gunstone and Moore!
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Ghost Wolf: The Horde of Fangs #4 (of 4)

Writer: El Torres
Art: JuanFra MB
Color: Veronica R Lopez
UPC Code: 732030830813—00411
JUN171184 – STL051527

This is the story told one thousand times. A worthy warrior must take on the mantle of the Wolf when his predecessor’s time is over! Now there are two avatars: the oldest, dominated by the Horde of Fangs; and Mara, the mother warrior standing in his path. But another worthy one arises!

This is the end of the sequel of the acclaimed miniseries Ghost Wolf, from award-winner writer El Torres with the spectacular art by new talent JuanFra MB! Don’t miss it!

The Last Hunt #3

Writer: Hannu Kesola, Ken Janssens
Art: Paul Moore
Color: Beth Varni
UPC Code: 732030830820—00311
JUN171185 – STL051528

The horror is real in the deep space – and it’s also inside us! With their backs against the wall, the surviving members of the Ragzon Cargo ship desperately fight for their lives, not only against the “strangers” but each other as well!

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And our resolicit:

Planet of Daemons: The Eye of Lucifer #3


Writer: Kevin Gunstone
Artist: Paul Moore
Color: Stefan Mrkonjic
UPC Code: 708022654125—00311
JUN171186 – STL022158

In a compelling first storyline, The Eye of Lucifer, Amos arrives on the world of Sathariel pursuing a daemon of war. But on his journey Amos encounters the hatching of a Succubus Queen – whose reincarnated soul shares a mysterious connection to his past. To solve the riddle of her identity, Amos must enter Sathariel’s labyrinth and confront the truth behind his arrival in the Qliphoth years earlier…

Amos Deathridge, Magistrate of the Qliphoth, and the Succubus Queen called Heinous, journey deeper into the labyrinth of Sathariel. As they search for the lair of the Spirit of War, Amos sees visions of the past and the life he left behind.

PLANET OF DAEMONS’ writer Kevin Gunstone – who’s most recent work was the award-nominated FUTURE PRIMITIVE for Markosia – commented: “The ideas associated with the Qliphoth fascinate me and this is a great opportunity to explore what it represents through the character of Amos who has suffered terribly from its effect on his world.”