Are you actually prepared for a barbarian December?

03 Jan


Are you actually prepared for a barbarian December?

From the frozen forests of the north, where GoshtWolf lives, to the sunny Hispalia where Barbara tries to go unnoticed, we start the year in the most barbaric way possible.

Ancient traditions, protector spirits, unscrupulous thieves, massive fights and much, much more to start the year with AMIGO Comics.

Ghost Wolf vol 3, #2 of 4

Writer: Massimo Rosi
Art: Vito Coppola & Viviana Di Chiara
Cover: Vito Coppola & Viviana Di Chiara
UPC Code: 795853417043-00211
DEC191362 -STL144537
28 pages FC

Old and Young Wolves.

Mara feels that something is collapsing, that something terrible is taking shape and with the southern invaders as heralds. it is ready to destroy her house. Mara and his son, the Ghost Wolf, prepare the counterattack, they are few but ready to face the enemy on the snowy battlefield.

Barbara the barbarian #2 of 3.

Writer: JOS
Cover Art: M. Díaz & Sonia Moruno
Art: M. Díaz & H.G. Tobalina
UPC Code: 795853417050-00211
DEC191361 – STL144536

Continue to delve into Barbara’s origins, as events rush in, and the fraudulent and tricky DemiCrazy Festival begins in a full violent way.

DemiCrazy Festival is already here! Blue Uros and Red Eagles are recruiting the best fighters… but as always, there is a foul game and cheaters in the house. Meanwhile, Barbara tries not to get involved in the upcoming mess, remembering the hard times when she was young,

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