Summertime! Amigo Comics for June 2014!

Hello Amigos,
We are pleased to announce the new releases to this summer!  Take a seat, sip your margarita and relax, because this summer we continued your favorite series: Lunita, Ghost Wolf and  Rogues!



The last issue of Lunita is here, the artist Ivan Sarnago and  the scriptwriter Xavi Morell continue this story full of action, magic and kittens.

After the epic battle between Basahaun against the Alraunes and the weird magician, it is time to find the origin of the enigmatic drug called “Blue Tears”.



The story told one thousand times is ready to be told once again. The awesome art by Ángel Hernández joins the powerful script by El Torres to show us the Ghost Wolf rebirth.

Savagery and brutality are guaranteed in this third issue of Ghost Wolf. This time we have a new adventure:  Mara, a strong and brave northerner that will have to face one of the biggest challenges of her life. The forces of darkness are gathering under the command of a mysterious crow witch.



After the great man-eating giantess’s fall, our favorite thieves must continue their adventure. An endless cold fills Bram’s veins, as he begins revealing his past to Weasel, who finally realizes that their last battle was just the beginning of this new adventure…

The Cold Ship continues the journey, keep on board for new releases!



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