Amigo is in ComicPlus!

Hello amigos!

We are proud to announce that from now on, you can easily find our books at ComicPlus, from Iverse Media. iVerse Media, LLC (Home of the ComicsPlus App) is a digital distribution company focused on distributing and marketing content based applications to mobile devices and desktop screens.

And that means you can find our books up-to-date. From Rogues! To The Westwood Witches to Arcane Secrets… and many more to come!

So go if you are a digital reader, now you can enjoy our books at ComicPlus in an up-to-date basis, in your Ipad, Iphone and many other digital platforms. Be our digital amigo!



About Amigo Comics

Founded in 2012, Amigo is an independent company which publishes a wide variety of creator-owned comic books with talented creators. Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi are the genres of choice.

About Iverse Media:

iVerse Media was founded in 2008, and has continued to be a leader in digital application creation, services, and content management since that time. iVerse provides a variety of digital products and services to publishers of comics, graphic books, and magazine publications around the world.

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