It’s an Apocalyptic July!

One way or another, the End comes plenty of demons… Well, perhaps it’s just a new beginning. As the beginning of the new miniseries of The Apocalypse Girand thehe horror of Roman Ritual! Come in, won’t you?

Apocalypse Girl vol 2 #1: Provocation

Writer: Colleen Douglas
Art: Ramiro Borrallo & Bruna Costa
Cover: Ramiro Borrallo
UPC Code: 689247545767-00111
28 pages FC

Metis, the girl lost in the Apocalypse and her friends are back! But things are getting… complicated.

And it’s getting complicated because, you know, nobody stays a child forever. It has been two years since the defeat of the Great Worm and with it the end of the Apocalypse, now there’s amity between demons and humans and with it a chance for permanent peace. But there’s a new threat looming: a religious faction of humans led by Desmodus a former Cardinal and Metis’ old enemy the Wrath of God. This time Metis is the target and Desmodus has convinced the angels to join him in his quest for a holy war.

Our favorite writer Colleen Douglas keeps telling us the tale of Metis. Our fan-favorite Ramiro Borrallo keeps doing the art of The Apocalypse Girl, this time with the colors of Bruna Costa. She’s growing up but she’s as charming as ever!

Roman Ritual vol 2 #3

Writer: El Torres
Art: Jaime Martínez
UPC Code: 689247545750-00311

“Listen, Sister Claire. These seniors are possessed by demons. They may act in the world out of hatred for God and his kingdom. But their power is really limited, so their actions are permitted by Divine Providence. But why God allows them to spread so much pain? Why all that suffering? That is the Great Mystery.

The acclaimed book of terror and exorcisms is back in this long-awaited sequel from El Torres and Jaime Martinez. The Devil’s work never rests and nun Sister Claire, a child survivor of the Rwandan massacres, will again feel the stifling grip of evil. When the seniors at the nursing home in her care begin to behave strangely, are they demented or possessed?

Roman Ritual has been acclaimed in the United States, Spain, France, and Italy. And the original team is back with this sequel, again with the themes of noble men and women facing the existent corruption in the Catholic Church.

“Roman Ritual has excellent pacing that uncomfortably keeps you mesmerized and eagerly turning the page.”
—Comic Monsters

“By the time you get to the end of this book, you will be wanting more.  If you are a fan of the supernatural and horror genres, you will enjoy this book. Help support the suppression of evil and put this book on your pull list.” 
—Eternal Rage

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