Gargantuan MAYhem and Roman Ritual Season 2!

(And an Eisner nomination)

Yeah, we know we ain’t great at word games… but we have awesome books! The second miniseries of the acclaimed Roman Ritual comes with a tale that will twist your mind! And the saga of Marshal Lozen against the Gargantuan is coming to an end!

Gargantuan #3

Writer: Colleen Douglas
Art: Luis Czerniawski
Cover: Hugo Petrus
UPC Code: 689247545743-00311
28 pages FC

Sarah fights her way in a world ruled by a mad gargantua!

Sarah and Julius are up against the clock to solve the Gargantuan crisis. Sarah wants Crius Behind bars at all costs but this puts her at odds with her true purpose; to find her own Gargantuan, Before the government and the rest of the world come together with their own solution: Nuke California to alleviate the threat!
Gargantuan; ancient bio machines, fused with alien DNA, buried in the planet intended for use with specific persons carrying the compatible ancestral genes of the designers… and now it’s the madman Crius who owns one of them!

“With the words of Colleen Douglas, the art by Luis Czerniawski, the covers by Hugo Petrus and the lettering by Ferran Delgado, this story is back bigger than ever!” -El Torres

Roman Ritual vol 2 #1

Writer: El Torres
Art: Jaime Martínez
UPC Code: 689247545750-00111

The acclaimed book of terror and exorcisms is back in this long-awaited sequel from El Torres and Jaime Martinez. The Devil’s work never rests and nun Sister Claire, a child survivor of the Rwandan massacres, will again feel the stifling grip of evil. When the seniors at the nursing home in her care begin to behave strangely, are they demented or possessed?

Roman Ritual has been acclaimed in the United States, Spain, France, and Italy. There’s been a project of adaptation into a TV series, readers and critics praise the book. And the original team is back with this sequel, again with the themes of noble men and women facing the existent corruption in the Catholic Church.
Some promo pages below!

“Roman Ritual has excellent pacing that uncomfortably keeps you mesmerized and eagerly turning the page.”
—Comic Monsters

“Infused with human drama and the supernatural element, Roman Ritual is the best book you aren’t reading!” 
—Steven Leitman, IndieComix

“By the time you get to the end of this book, you will be wanting more.  If you are a fan of the supernatural and horror genres, you will enjoy this book. Help support the suppression of evil and put this book on your pull list.” 
—Eternal Rage

“El Torres is perhaps the most underrated horror comic writer working today. He comes at every subject he takes on with an edge that’s sharp and deadly that you never quite see coming. Roman Ritual is no exception.” 
—Stephanie S. Gray, Horror Network?

And we are really, really proud to announce that our fellow Ferran Delgado and the sold-out Amigo book Sky Masters of the Space Force, that compiles the complete Sunday strips by Jack Kirby and Wally Wood, has been (wait for it) NOMINATED TO AN EISNER AWARD! This is our first Eisner nomination as a company, but all the merit goes to our friend Ferran. Good work, amigo!

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