In July… Rogues are back! And Titan! And Nancy in Hell ! And Sallybooks! And more!

They are back in our May solicits! From the mind of El Torres, and the designs by Juan José Ryp, the Rogues were born! And now they are back with the art by Jordi Armengol, and this time, they are facing Kath… Khlûl… Cthuh… Chool… you know, the Elder One is back… But El Torres also keeps writing Nancy in Hell with the art of Abel Cicero! Nancy’s chainsaw cutting her way out of Hell!

And we hope you keep reading Colleen Douglas and André Stahlschmidt in Titan! The Cosmic Horrors are also there… and they are at WAR!

Want more Rogues?!  For those who missed them, we present again their first trade: The Curse of the Chicken! Also, since the books were missing, Apocalypse Girl by El Torres and Ramiro Borrallo is resolicited!

And in our line of children’s and young people’s books, our sister company Sallybooks present another delicious stoy for all ages! Our self-concluding volume is The Astronaut!

Rogues Vol 6. The Shadow Over Gerada #1

Writer: El Torres
Art: Jordi Armengol
Color: Verónica R. López
Cover: Stefano Martino
Alternate Cover: Nacho Castro

UPC Code: 713482801897-00111

Alternate cover: MAY181352 – STL084841
UPC Code:713482801897—00121 (ratio 10:1)
32 pages FC

Did you miss them? Bram and Weasel are back… and they screwed it up again! After a long journey, our rogues are bringing a strange souvenir: The Eye of Byatis, which they are trying to sell before it rots. Or before it brings a certain doom upon the city of Gerada… The Great Old Ones!

After five volumes, El Torres is back telling us the funniest adventures of the craziest thieves in fantasy!  And we keep telling you… Each volume is a jumping point! You don’t need to have read the other volumes to enjoy Rogues (but we highly recommend it: we need the money).

“I always wanted to do a Lovecraftian story”, declared creator El Torres. “Those monsters beyond our comprehension, all those marvelous written pages, some by the greatest writers in our age. And all those RPG and the dice sound… I always wanted to do a horror story… But then I had the idea to put the Rogues in there and everything went bonkers. Good to have Jordi, an incredible artist, to join the insanity. And Stefano and Nacho doing the awesome covers!”

Have you noticed the new logo?! And a Retailer incentive cover, served 1:10, by Nacho Castro!

Nancy in Hell #2

Writer: El Torres
Art: Abel Cicero
Color: Alexandra Thone
UPC Code: 713482801880—00211
28 pages FC

While still being chased by infernal agents, Nancy finds companions on the long road. The “Lucifer’s Lions” biker gang and their base of operations, the bar run by The Widow. But what catches her attention is a dark and rickety structure, almost forgotten. The Church that lasts in Hell and the secret that hides.

“It’s a new story, a jumping point in the Nancy story”, declared creator El Torres. “We’re not going to disregard her past adventures. But now we will try to offer a new perspective. Yes, there will be gore, but I’m proud to say it’s not an easy going story. Also, to have artists like Ariel Olivetti doing our covers it’s a real rush for me!”

Just for $2,99!

 “This new Nancy In Hell explodes in your hands and mind’s eye like Geoff Darrow’s Shemp Buffet. A wasteland, chainsaws, badass characters and demons galore!”
– Comicsforsinners

Titan #3 (of 4): Metanoia

Writer: Colleen Douglas
Art: André Stahlschmidt
Color: Wesllei Manoel
UPC Code: 713482801873-00311
32 pages FC

Senator Levy, Titan’s uncle wants control of her cosmic power. To get it he’s willing to coerce obedience; blow up her home, murder her mother and lobotomize her father; his own brother. But Titan is the Mother of Monsters; a Cosmic God, her nature wrathful, and she bows to no one.

From the mind of Colleen Douglas and the art of André Stahlschmidt arrives a twist about the Lovecraftian entities… As you’ve never seen them before! The ages have now changed, requiring the Old Ones to adapt to a modern society and all that entails. But their feuds are not forgotten!

A new science fiction miniseries that gives us another vision of the cosmic horror entities!

RESOLICITED: The Apocalypse Girl #3 (of 4)

Writer: El Torres
Art: Ramiro Borrallo
UPC Code: 732030830837—00311
MAY181348 – STL062755
32 pages FC

Young Frankie has been kidnapped by the Demon Dukes. Metis, along with the survivor Ollie and Sil the Angel, are on their way to his rescue, running through a country teeming with monsters. Maybe, that isn’t a good time to be fooling around with kisses, Metis. And besides, who’s really Mom?

“It’s not a sad-survivalist story. It’s not the story of a Chosen One destined to restore the equilibrium or the goodness, or to kill a Big Bad. It’s just the story of a common girl with all the common girl problems”, says El Torres. “Well, the catch is she’s in a middle-apocalyptic set, and her mom is a mummy -or that’s what Metis think- so the story is not only the everyday fight of every young person to find their place in the world. Well, it’s just that, but with monsters”, El declared.

Ramiro Borrallo, with his distinctive style, has received a lot of attention and praises from readers and reviewers in Spain. His opera prima “SON”, received the “best Andalusian book”, the Desencaja Award at 2015! The Apocalypse Girl is his first complete miniseries.

ROGUES TP 1:  The Curse of the Chicken and Other Stories

Writer: El Torres
Artists: Juan José Ryp, Diego Galindo, Miguel Genlot
Cover Artist: Ruiz Burgos
ISBN Code: 9788416074747-51999
MAY150897 – STK676385
32 pages FC

In the mythical city of Gerada, Pearl of the South and Cradle of Humanity, Bram and the thief known as the Weasel, try to survive and deal with the multiple dangers and adventures that, literally, hang over them. From the poultry-ish and terrible consequences derived from the kidnapping of a wizard’s daughter, to the incursions into cursed and forgotten cemeteries to summon a lich, as well as being chased by bounty hunters and Black Guards, or being thrown into a prison for women, joining the Brotherhood of Thieves, and even guiding some assassins through the underground tunnels of the city in a shady mission, always wielding a sword… Being a rogue isn’t an easy job!

This volume contains issues 1 to 6 of ROGUES which meant the return of the first characters ever created by EL TORRES and RYP, and which received acclaim both from readers and critics.

Read some review extracts and convince yourself how good we are!

“This comic is actually very, very good. It’s something that the industry has needed for a while and I don’t even think they knew it. ”
-Dustin Cabeal, Comic Bastards

“Rogues! is a title for anyone that is a fan of a series that mocks and parodies the medium and other characters in the fantasy/D&D genre. The start seemed iffy and not necessarily enough to sway new readers until a few pages in – then you’re hooked. ”

 -Blake Hamilton, Destroy The Cyborg

“Torres has struck a very good tone, and so far, he’s been helped pretty well by his artistic collaborators. You’ve probably read comics like Rogues! before, but Torres does some good things with the characters and the plot that makes it more interesting than your standard sword-and-sorcery comic. Do yourself a favor and check it out!”
-G. Burgas, Comic Book Resources

“So hop the wall, pick the lock, avoid the guards, and place your order for the cheekiest, sassiest, quickest, (but not always the smartest) hooligans that Europe has brought us to date: Rogues! ”
-Sarah Martinez, Previews


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Sallybooks, a publishing house where the little readers will be the ones are the protagonists!  Imaginative books for clever children from 0 to 90 years old! To know more of Sallybooks, click here! (In Spanish)

The Astronaut

Art: Carlos Comendador

MAY181349 – STL084845
7,87 x 10,23 inches. 50 pages,  FC.
For ages 3+

He had a fascination with stars since he had use of reason. His passion will make him start an incredible voyage full of surprises and discoveries, even about himself.

This work is focused on children with special educational needs, mainly those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), although it can also be used with children with similar problems in communication and/or development.

Check out our books at MAY Previews!

Preorder them (Preferably via your friendly neighborhood comic book dealer)!

Read them!

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