Rogues01 version 4


Story by: El Torres
Art by: Juan José Ryp & Rubén Rojas
Color by: Fran Gamboa & Rubén Rojas

Here comes Bram and the Weasel!

Two unlikely heroes… Ok, they aren’t heroes or at least they don’t role that way. Real Heroes don’t steal, don’t pay whores, and never lay with the girls that they save her lifes… But they have cloaks!

Rogues is a sword and sorcery comic book series about the adventures of a couple of reputed thieves, Bram and the Weasel, in the fictional city of Gerada. Their tracks will show the readers a world full of fights, wizards, nice girls and lots of fun.

Rogues, is part of the very beginning career of his creators, El Torres (The Veil, Suicide Forest, Drums, Nancy in Hell…) and Juan José Ryp (Black Summer, No Hero, Wolverine, Clone, Nancy in Hell…). Rogues is a story strongly influenced by the master works of sword and sorcery, specially Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, and Conan.

Pick up your money bags, and hide your pretty daughters cause this characters long time forgotten are back.

In the first issue…

All his family and friends thought that El Torres was going crazy when he decided to write a fantasy tale about chickens. Nobody believe in his idea… Nobody, except Juan José Ryp.

Don’t miss the unspoken story of Rogues… And the chickens.


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