Nancy in Hell

Nancy in Hell TP cover

Good girls go to heaven, right? But it seems like there are no good girls anymore. After her death, Nancy awakens in a creepy landscape to find decomposing lost souls, demons lurking in the shadows, outcasts, chainsaws, booze, and certain doom. Can Nancy escape from Hell? Amazing artist JUAN JOSE RYP (Black Summer, No Hero) and writer EL TORRES (The Veil) take you on a white-knuckle tour of the underworld to find out!

Nancy In Hell is a four-issue Mature Readers limited series from Image Comics. For a pair of Spanish creators and long-time friends, it’s a long-held idea that’s finally making its way onto comic book shelves. Artist Juan Jose Ryp is best known for his collaborations with Warren Ellis at Avatar Press on titles like Black Summer. Writer El Torres broke into American comics with the IDW miniseries The Veil.

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Nancy in Hell on Earth cover by Nacho Molina

Nancy in Hell on Earth cover by Nacho Molina

Nancy In Hell (on Earth)

Nancy and Lucifer filleted their way out of Hell… and they left the Gates open. Now demons are pouring on Earth, angels want to destroy the whole planet before the Hell spreads through all the realms. And Nancy, her daisy dukes and her trusty chainsaw are in the way! Featuring Lucifer, the Twelve Disciples of Hell, giant demons and nekkid angels! If you like grindhouse films and crazy, gorey fun, be sure to check this volume written by El Torres with artwork by the insane master of detail Enrique Lorenzana!

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