Aokigahara, la forêt des suicidés

My first book in France, along with my old friend Gabriel Hernández Walta, is “The Suicide Forest”, with the translation: “Aokigahara, la forêt des suicidés”.  This book is giving us a lot of satisfactions! It will be in stores January 18th… but the advance copies sent to reviewers have been receiving high praises. I’ve compiled a few here… they’re in french, but hey, that’s a great language to learn!

Thank you, Atlantic BD for trying our little horror book.

To publish in France (oh, La France) has been a goal almost unreachable for me. Many friends publish their books over there, but it’s hard to break in. I’ll have a busy schedule this year visiting this wonderful country (beware, museums), from Pau to Lille to Paris itself, and I’ll try to understand the french market… and perhaps prepare new books.

Atlantic BD will release too The Veil, later this 2013… I’ll keep you noticed!


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