Oh, Good Heavens…

It’s been two months since I updated the blog! Oh, please. There are TONS of nice reviews about my books -you know I love to have my blog like a scrapbook… and there are lots of interesting stuff I’ve been doing, like learning to ride a bicycle.

I’ve been teaching storytelling and “graphicnovelism” at Carmona. Some nice courses to the most nice people at the most nice place.

The spanish edition of “Drums” Tambores, have been a huge success. I have a ton of reviews taking dust somewhere in my hard disk. Tambores sold out in Barcelona Saló del Comic 2012, was reviewed in RTVE, the national television… and more!

I’ve been signing at Barcelona, Valencia… even in Malaga.

There are some great projects at the doors… in the States and Europe, too. Two graphic novels and two miniseries!

And the bicycle, of course. I love it.

I know I only have three faithful readers, and I hope to not disappoint you. More updates coming this week!

Nancy in Hell illustration by Nacho Molina

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