The Suicide Forest could be a great movie…

That’s what Rick Marshall at IFC says. His “Adapt The Suicide Forest” entry is plenty of nice thoughts for us like: “The national landmark’s history is steeped in both morbid facts and eerie phenomena, which is something Torres masterfully mines for The Suicide Forest.”

Marshall believes that our book has a great potential to be adapted into a movie, and he gives several arguments:

“The flood of Japanese horror movies remade for American audiences has died down in recent years, so the timing could be right to remind everyone why these stories were so popular in the first place. A film based on The Suicide Forest would tread enough new ground to be distinctly different from franchises like “The Ring” or “The Grudge,” while also including some of the best elements from those films — specifically, the moody atmosphere and visual style. It would also take the familiar onryo legends to a new setting, breaking from the traditional urban environment and translating all that fear of ghostly creatures in bathroom mirrors and television sets to the wide-open woods.”

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