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There’s been a lot of reviews of “Drums” issue #1… We believe that more reviews than any other book we’ve released before. A lot of people that like our Santeria and horror tale!

El Torres always dig to appear at Newsarama. And Chris Arrant was kind enough and interested in “Drums” to do an interview. An exhaustive interview about the miniseries, the plot and what would keep at his sleeve. Read it here.

But there is more. Another nice interview at one of the most important horror sites, Bloody Disgusting, where Johnny Trouble does some interesting questions. Read it here.

And in the same site, Kerabastos reviewed the book: “Not to offend anyone who might practice some of these religions, but something about them is just a little creepy which is a significant reason for why Drums, a new series by El Torres, debuts with an effectively frightening first issue.”

Drake Mc Mann, at Comicbooks and Movies says: “If you are a fan of murder mysteries, Voodoo, reanimated corpses, wise old ladies, fortune telling and beheaded chickens then your probably going to enjoy this comic. Oh and murder mysteries (…) Overall I give this book a B grade as it really was an interesting read and the story has plenty of potential.”

Eric Whitman at Daily Blam says some good things about our book and gives us 3’5 stars: “The horror is excellent as well with heightened tension through use of environment (i.e. storms) and mystery. Recently, there has been a renaissance of scares in the medium and this has the potential grab a piece of that.”

Dfstell at Weekly Comic Book Review says nice things about the book: ” If you love, paranormal/supernatural crime stories, dig in. You’ll love it. If that kinda thing just isn’t your cup of tea, you might not enjoy it as much.”

And Geekwholanded at My Comic Network does an extensive review of the book: “In another new release out of Image Comics we have a story that’s different from anything you might have read in quite awhile. It screams out like a typical mystery book but the turns this book takes within the first issue of it take you on a journey that is in parts disturbing and absolutely interesting.”

Edward Kaye at Hypergeek: “El Torres weaves an interesting tale that plays heavily on the mysteries of Latino and West-African religions, and the mythology that surrounds them. The story is creepy, atmospheric, and suspenseful…”

The Comic Book Newbie does a nice short review: “Investigative crime scenes, mysterious religious ceremonies, and a touch of the supernatural make this an interesting read. I’m still on the fence and I want to see where the series goes.”

Jason Wilkins on Broken Frontier makes some interesting points about the book: “That isn’t to say Drums is a bad comic. There’s a lot to like about this moody, atmospheric, supernatural murder mystery. The creative team is top notch and provides the book with a distinctive visual tone. Torres’ pacing is tight and crisp; his dialogue genuine and easy on the ears.”

Ron at Night Flight points the bad things and the good things he finds in this issue: “This is one of those books that is a toss-up to recommend. If you like supernatural stories, or anything else by El Torres, then pick this one up because you’ll probably enjoy it.”

And there is a negative review by Iann Robinson at Crave Online: “See what I’m saying? All of this is interesting idea-wise but it’s laid out like a bad SyFy movie. The characters are all neat and clean cuts of pop culture stereotypes and even the dialog rings of hollow imitation.” We’re sorry you didn’t like our proposal, Iann. Some of your points seems interesting, though, and we’ll think about them.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who took their time to read the book and write a review, even the negative ones. To write and draw a comic book means that you are giving the readers the power to decide.

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  1. Con quien hay que hablar para que hagan una serie?
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    La historia la veo en una serie…
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