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Well, we were expecting a lot of “Nancy-haters”. You know… all these panty shots and bold sexyness… But that didn’t happen.

Nancy in Hell is a homage of sorts to all these 80’s horror movies with scream queens, scantily clad heroines and mindless latex monsters with gallons of viscous blood. We had in mind all that good times we spent with these movies and books… Mix and shake all that and that’s how Nancy comes to life.

Most of our readers understand the joke and they joke on it. We couldn’t ask for more.

Nancy says: "Thank you, bitches!"

These are some of the reviews we received, in no particular order… If you want to appear here, just send us a buzz!

Strange Kid at Strange Kids Club: “In a word, Nancy in Hell is heavenly. Buy it, love it, come back for Round 2.”

Certified Cool in Third Eye Store: “(…)the concept sounds pretty damn rad. On the surface, the book looks like just plain ol’ blood, guts, and fun, and to a degree, that’s what it is. (…) but as you get drawn deeper into the story and the questions that the idea of Hell raises, the real meat of the book shows up.”

Chronic Insomnia: “As a high-action feast for the eyes, I recommend Nancy in Hell heartily.”

J. Caleb Mozzocco, at  Every Day Is Like Wednesday“Torres’ story has some interesting ideas bouncing around in it. The extremely detailed Ryp art (…) is the reason to check this  out.”

Captain Bingtang at Comic Vine says: “`Nancy In Hell`? It`s a fast paced and sexy actioner. Take it or leave it.”

Johnny Bacardi at Confessions of a Comics Shop Junkie: “If you don’t set your sights too high, this is enjoyable in a late-night Cinemax action thriller kind of way.”

Colin Andersen at Comic Book Bin: “If you’re looking for something to satisfy that blood-loving, horror fan in you, then definitely pick this up.”

Dean Stell at Weekly Comic Book Review :”Unlike many comics that have sexy women as their primary calling card, Nancy in Hell actually has a decent story to go with it.”

And finally, Greg Burgas at Comics Should Be Good: “Another gorefest about, well, a girl in Hell (wielding a chainsaw), saved a bit by Ryp’s gloriously gratuitous art and El Torres’ over-the-top script (…)”

And a final note: Ryp isn’t drawing the third issue and he’s only doing some “special appearance” in issue #4 -the epic ending, that’s it.  He’s been involved in every step of the creation, of course, since Nancy is her child too. But these damned Marvel people picked him to do really interesting comics that you will read like Wolverine… so Juan José couldn’t cope with all the work. Though he did all the covers and some special pinups you’ll find inside… and his splendid artwork in issues #1 and #2!

The studio, Antonio Vazquez and Fran Gamboa did a splendid work in the following issues. You will miss Ryp just a little bit!

To all these pals and friends who read our little fun book… Thank you!!!


Friends at Cosmic Book News: Not since the heyday of Lady Death has a Hell-based story been so good!”

And Lyzard at Aint It Cool News: “Overall, I’m interested to see how, or if, Nancy does escape from hell, along with whether or not she deserves to be there.”

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