Amigos on the shelves in May!

Hello Amigos,

If you enjoyed our new stuff back in April, you can’t miss out on what we’ve got for you this May! This month you’ll find Lunita, daughter of the Moon, in your favorite retailer, as well as the brutal Ghost Wolf, the spirit of revenge, plus the incorrigible Rogues!



The new issue of Lunita is out already! You’ll be marvelled with the incredible lineart of Iván Sarnago, who shares the task of drawing the whole issue with Sergi San Julián, following Xavier Morell‘s script.

The trace of the “Blue Tears” keeps hidden from our protagonists, but that strange drug keeps claiming lives. Lunita, Agent Summers and the Basajaun, the Spanish werewolf that saved Lunita after she was shot in the previous issue, will join forces against the evil Alraunes: half-woman, half-tree beings that have the ability to change their shape as well!



The story of Demne, he who sacrificed himself to become Ghost Wolf, continues in May. In this issue, drawn in an extraordinary way by Loren Lorente and Siku and written by El Torres, we’ll be shown the epic outcome of this adventure full of violence, revenge and gallons of blood.

Kerunnos‘ reign of fear is based in the slaughtering of the Southern clans. His subjects rape, kidnap and kill as they wish, ignoring that Ghost Wolf creeps near. Ghost Wolf’s axe will slice everyone and anyone who obeyed Kerunnos, in a battle without parallel… in which the spirit of revenge will face hundreds of men.




The new saga of Rogues! Their gelid path goes on. Lolita Aldea’s art will take you to the coldest winter, and El Torres’s script will freeze both your body and soul, in the second issue of Rogues! The Cold Ship.

Bram and Weasel are headed towards Klontarf, an island cursed to an everlasting winter. Ingrid, Bram’s wife, whom he had kept secret, awaits them there, ready to lead our thieves to a Giantess’s hideout. She’s a gargantuan monster shaped as a woman that takes pleasure from wolfing down anyone who dares walk into her domains. Will you miss out on the outcome of this magnificent story full of icicles, battles and insults?


Stay tuned, amigos!

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