• New releases coming out in April

    by  • March 28, 2014 • Blog, Ghost Wolf, Lunita, Rogues

    Hello Amigos,

    April is arriving, and with it, as every month, Amigo Comics’s new stuff. Throughout this month, three new issues will assault your favourite comic store’s shelves: Lunita, Ghost Wolf and Rogues!


    The second issue of Lunita, whom some of you already know, is coming this April. Lunita began her thrilling adventure last month thanks to the scriptwriter Xavi Morell and the artist Sergi Sanjulian.

    An epic story full of action, fantasy, psychotic drugs and cats, lots of cats. In this second issue, Agent Fillion will save Lunita’s live so that she can continue investigating about those “Blue Tears” and find out who’s behind this new drug. To achieve so, Lunita will have to employ all her power, and some old friend’s as well. Here you have the five first pages so you can begin drooling.


    Ghost Wolf is Amigo Comics’s new series, written by El Torres and drawn by Siku. This new issue brings us as well a short story titled “The story told one thousand times”, also written by El Torres and drawn by Luis Czerniawski.

    Ghost Wolf tells the story of a young member of a barbarian tribe whose clan is massacred by the Bahatch, whom he’ll survive thanks to an ancient warrior summoned by his grandfather.


    Our old friends Bram and Weasel will come back in April with a new story written by El Torres, drawn by Lolita Aldea and coloured by Sandra Molina, “The Cold Ship”.

    “The Cold Ship” begins our favourite thieves’ new adventure, in which they will face a very dark part of Bram’s past. A strange ship, commanded by tough Vikings, has berthed at Gerada’s docks, bringing with it the coldest winter there is, and the only ones who can put an end to the situation are Bram and Weasel.


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