Lunita video promo!

Do you know Lunita? Witch, Daughter of the Moon and cat-lover? Just read some reviews…

«Is this a good title? Yes. Is it one I would voluntarily read again? Yes.»
-The Cult Den

«Morell is not shy about the political message, and thankfully not afraid to bring both multi-cultural and open views on sexual identity to the forefront of his comic, making it more than just a good adventure book.»

«Pretty good art with a great story behind it. And while the style is gonna take a little to get used to, it is still a good style. And the story and characters hook you.»
– The Broken Infinite

«What works? This is a great comic. The story is compelling and well written, bringing street level crime to a fantasy world. The characters are likable, the threat immediate, and the story fluid.»
-Big Tim at Giant Fire Breathing Robot

You can find her in a store near you, or in our digital store!


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