Amigo Comics Makes Lunita Shine

AMIGO proudly presents Lunita, the next modern adult fantasy book from writer and publisher Xavier Morell with exquisite artwork by Sergi San Julian, a well-known European artist in France, Germany and Spain.

AMIGO November2

Lunita #1, cover by Sergi San Julian.

Lunita is a fresh new take on a mix of supernatural, action and a bit of noir and Amigo Comics has found a new amigo! “When Torres invited us to join AMIGO, we couldn’t say no. We followed the tradition of this publishing house and their obvious love for Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi”, states Morell, “but with a distinctive Amigo-flavor; the touch that makes AMIGO COMICS something different. So, here we present Lunita, a modern-day witch, who is said to be the real daughter of the Moon. Lunita is having the most dangerous adventure of her life because a new drug has been found which links users to the supernatural world. Lunita will join forces with D.E.A. agent Summer Fillion to pursue and apprehend the core of the dealers, smack in the middle of Spain. Readers will be able to enjoy beautiful locations from Barcelona, Euskadi and other touristic places from Spain. Readers will also get to know some of its legend. Oh!, and there be kittens too!”

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Drugs, witches, D.E.A. agents, kittens. Do you want some more? Ok, we also have some sirens, but not the lovely Ariel kind of siren from Disney’s legacy. After reading Lunita you are bound to rethink what you know about sirens. There is also the Basajaun, a creature from Basque mythology dwelling in the woods, protecting the forests, a true Lord of the savage.

Morell also states: “I’m very excited to bring Lunita to the USA, even more so with the awesome art Sergi delivers in this book. Sergi does an amazing work depicting a great mood and atmosphere of adult fairy tale. Seriously, you have to take a look at it!. We hope you like and enjoy the reading as much as we enjoy creating the book”.

Lunita was also the main character of a comic series from Recerca Editorial: GEI. A team of freaks and weirdos working for a special agency, dealing with threats from the unknown. It was in the tradition of old-school Vertigo books but with a European flair. It was published in Spain, with the debut issue also released in USA by Cyberosia Publishing, nearly a decade ago. You don’t really need to read any of those comics to fully enjoy Lunita, but AMIGO will give it to you for free as a special gift to our amigos and readers. So, you will enjoy some fine art by Félix Ruiz (The New Mutants) and Victor Santos (The Mice Templar, Filthy Rich, Polar). Stay tuned!

Sergi San Julian is a pioneer in the independent publishing in Spain with his serial Gorka (inspired by Dave Sim’s Cerebus). He is also known for the graphic novel The Countdown and three books of the Interface series in France, published by Dargaud. Lunita is his debut in the USA.

Xavier Morell wrote some comics for the Spanish market, Finado and GEI, and published a lot more as former editor of Recerca Editorial, a much appreciated comics publishing company during the first decade of this century.

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