Hold your breath… Amigo Comics in October!

What’s up, amigos? We have fantastic news for you! There is an amazing new series coming this October called Gargantuan! Unveil the secrets behind the History of human kind, discover the giant monsters that dwelled Earth aeons ago and how they altered human evolution… and fed on us.

In the new issue of Rogues!, Bram and Weasel’s friendship gets threatened when he is offered to join the crew of a mysterious ship for a dark ordeal. Enjoy this new story arc with the brilliant illustrations of our awesome new artist, Lolita Aldea! Lolita’s incredible artwork is why Amigo decided to start a new volume of Rogues! New artist, new story arc… same adventure and fun!

Oh! And don’t miss out the fun of Arcane Secrets #3! Don’t be afraid, if life gives you Cthulhus, our heroes will kick their asses and make lemonade.
Rogues! The frozen ship portada 1

ROGUES! Volume 2, #1

Story by: El Torres
Art by: Lolita Aldea
Color by: Sandra Molina
Cover Artist: Lolita Aldea

New story arc and new artist! The spectacular art of Lolita Aldea illustrates a new adventure of Bram and Weasel, whose friendship is strong, but it will be put to the test when one gloomy night, a dark ship appears in Geradas’ harbor and the grim crew commands Bram, the Northerner, to join them in their deadly quest!
“This is a true collaboration and it shows in the story and the art. Both parties trust the other to get them to where they need to be by the end of the issue and it’s great. I love comic collaborations like this because it’s what used to draw people to comics in the first place. This comic is actually very, very good. It’s something that the industry has needed for a while and I don’t even think they knew it.”
–Comic Bastards

Join Bram and The Weasel in this new adventure!

SC, 7×10, 32pgs, FC …………… $3.99
UPC Code: 799456681641-00111



Story by: Angel A. Svoboda
Art by: Angel A. Svoboda
Cover Artist: Angel A. Svoboda


This is the end! The end of the series and the end of the world if Doctor Ment, Harry and Elvis the Airpuff don’t stop The Great Cthulhu and his evil army of evilness! But they are not alone! They have the help of Selma, Otis the Zombi, the Stinker Pirate and his ghost ship… Cthulhu Mythos and fun? Yes, it’s possible!

If we were you, we wouldn’t like to miss out on this opportunity to read what the Old Cthulhu is doing in the evil business. Read more about this issue in the Diamond Previews and order your copy!

SC, 7×10, 32pgs, FC …………… $3.99
UPC Code: 799456681627-00311



Story by: El Torres
Art by: Rubén Rojas
Cover Artist: Rubén Rojas

They were the Giants that once walked the Earth and ruled over its inhabitants. Now they only exist in dreams and nightmares… like the ones Marshall Sarah Lozen has. And she doesn’t know that her pursuit of the criminal rockstar Crius will end with the rise of The Gargantuan… and the end of life on Earth as we know it!

Do you want to know more about the nightmares that are haunting Marshall Sarah Lozen every night? Take a look at Diamond Previews for more information!

SC, 7×10, 32pgs, FC …………… $3.99
UPC Code: 799456681634-00111


Creator-owned comics… from your Amigos!

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