• Amigo Solicitations for JULY 2013!

    by  • April 18, 2013 • Blog, Rogues, The Westwood Witches

    This summer, fantasy and horror will arrive to comic shops everywhere! Jump into Amigo books with the craziness and fun of Rogues! and the madness and horror of The Westwood Witches. From visionary creators El Torres, Diego Galindo and Abel García, Amigo comics is proud to introduce you the books you’ve been aching to read but you didn’t even know you wanted to!


    Rogues! #4

    Writer: El Torres – Artists:  Diego Galindo, Rubén Rojas 
    Cover Artist: Diego Galindo

    Weasel-in-prison! Bram and the Weasel have been separated, and now the sultry thief must suffer behind bars… Catfights! Lecherous wardens! And even more clichés! Meanwhile, Bram is determined to rescue his mate. With the art of Diego Galindo and words by El Torres, come and enter into a world of sword, sorcery and fun!

    “This comic is actually very, very good. It’s something that the industry has needed for a while and I don’t even think they knew it. Pre-order, order it online or hope you’re shop gets it, but you need to read this book.”
    –Comic Bastards

    Comic book sized, FC, 32 pages – Retail Price: $3.99. MATURE THEMES



    Writer: El Torres
    Artist: Abel Garcia
    Cover Artist(s): Abel Garcia

    The Witches Sabbath went awfully wrong… Now one of the demon-worshippers is dead, and Jack knows the truth about his beautiful-yet-deadly neighbors. With their spells failing, the witches have no choice but to ask the Oracle, their former friend that became mad due to Baphomet’s revelations.

    ” I enjoyed this first issue and loved the twist and new take on the genre. It has clear influences for sure, but they’re used in creative ways and that’s great…”
    –Comic Bastards

    “The Westwood Witches has me both hot and bothered. Only in the best ways though. Hot for the housewife sex appeal and bothered because well… These housewives are witches and do some very disturbing things. A strong start to what appears to be a very well-drawn, colored, sexy, graphic, gory, intriguing and well written story. This first issue should have you chomping at the bit for the next issue when it comes out!”

    “This is the kind of mystery that I love reading. It pulls you in and lures you with points that you think will lead you in one direction then completely pulls you in multiple other directions.”
    –Pop Cults

    El Torres is an intelligent writer who hooks you in immediately entertains you and reveals just enough of the story to leave you craving for more (…) Abel Garcia’s artwork is immense (…) Amigo Comics is a relatively new publisher, but if they keep publishing exciting creator based projects from the impressive roster of creators they’re working with, they’re certainly destined for big things.”

    “Torres describes “The Westwood Witches” #1 as “Desperate Housewives with macabre murdering.” He couldn’t be more spot-on. Don’t be fooled by that though, the horror, gore, and hot chicks are in this comic horror fans.”

    Comic book sized, FC, 32 pages – Retail Price: $3.99. MATURE THEMES


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