• Amigo Solicitations For June 2013

    by  • April 12, 2013 • Blog, Rogues, The Westwood Witches

    What? How come you didn’t order Amigo Comics for June yet? But… if you don’t, you’re going to miss great things, mi comic-reader amigo! Let  us show you a sneak-peek of the things to come… Soon in comic shops everywhere!


    Rogues #3

    Story by: El Torres
    Art by: Diego Galindo, Rubén Rojas
    Color: Carmelo González
    Cover Artist: Diego Galindo


    Genre : Fantasy
    Format : Comic book sized, FC, 32 pages
    Retail Price: $3,99
    UPC Code: 700371999995-00311
    Diamond Code: APR13 0774

    The newest adventures of Bram and the Weasel! The exciting opening of our new arc of stories with the awesome art of Diego Galindo! Something new happened in Gerada, The City of the Thousand Thieves… There is a new Chief Magistrate, and he is incorruptible! One by one, the brigands and rogues of Gerada are being imprisoned… or slain. And only Bram and Weasel are still on the loose!

    Amigo is proud to announce that Diego Galindo, a rising star in the comic industry, will be the artist in the new arc of Rogues! that will expand for 4 issues. For this arc, we’re going to go “rogue” on some of the most-loved comic covers in the history of comics. For starters… we know you know which one we’re paying homage…



    The Westwood Witches #2 (of 4)

    Story by: El Torres
    Art by: Abel Garcia
    Cover Artist: Abel Garcia


    Genre : Horror
    Format : Comic book sized, FC, 32 pages
    Retail Price: $3,99
    UPC Code: 700153928700-00211
    Diamond Code: APR13 0775

    Amigo brings the witchcraft horror into the modern world with the words of El Torres and art by Abel García!

    Jack is still consumed with his brother’s death and his writer block, not knowing that his attractive neighbors are planning to abduct him to the Witches’ Sabbath… as human sacrifice!

    “This is the kind of mystery that I love reading. It pulls you in and lures you with points that you think will lead you in one direction then completely pulls you in multiple other directions.”
    –Richard Cardenas, Pop Cults

    “El Torres is an intelligent writer who hooks you in immediately entertains you and reveals just enough of the story to leave you craving for more (…) Abel Garcia’s artwork is immense (…) Amigo Comics is a relatively new publisher, but if they keep publishing exciting creator based projects from the impressive roster of creators they’re working with, they’re certainly destined for big things. ”
    -Chris LeGalle, Malta Comic-con

    “The writer El Torres has done a great job with this book. Page to page it’s very easy to follow. The dialogue between characters is  well written. The plot is both fun and spooky. Maybe gut-wrenching would be a good word choice here too because these women are DARK. They will show you just how dark and mid evil they can get.  From the first page to the last he does a great job setting the tone in the first issue for what appears to be a really good read.”
    –Katrina Goets, Geek-O-Rama

    So, come on! Pre-order these wonderful books! Be our amigo!


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