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    Amigo is in love. In love with comics. In love with these tiny magical floppies with countless universes of fun and entertainment inside. And Amigo is determined to show new fans their love, starting with Juan José Ryp with “Rogues!” #1.

    Amigo Comics plans on publishing their love for comics about fantasy, about horror and even science-fiction! Amigo is proud to seek out creator-owned projects and to forsake licensed properties.

    And as publisher El Torres, from Image Comics’ “Nancy In Hell” fame can proclaim: “We have so much stories hiding in our sick little minds, so we just could not help ourselves and set out to create Amigo. Sure, it’s not the best of times for a venture like this. And on top of it all, most of us are living in Spain, so geographically challenged for having a presence in conventions and comic shops. But love conquers all, huh?”

    El Torres is also eager to tell his plans: “Here you can take a look at our first creations. Horror, fantasy, science-fiction.  All of them are labelled “For Mature Readers” because this is our style and therefore “mature” stories. But we have more books up our sleeves for all ages and several other nice projects taking shape for another momentum, both in print and digitally.”

    Amigocomics.com will feature all our upcoming projects and partners as we continue to move full steam ahead. Online you can meet the authors, see works in process and even order original artwork.

    Amigo Comics plans on starting their plans to conquer the world, with fantasy title ROGUES!, after which soon other titles like the horror story THE WESTWOOD WITCHES will follow, like Gargantuan and Shadow Legion. Be sure to check out the website and the Facebook page!

    Be our Amigo!


    Rogues! by Juan José Ryp

    Rogues! by Juan José Ryp



    Amigo is an independent company which publishes a wide variety of creator-owned comic books with some talented creators! Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi are our genres of choice. Check our Twitter and Facebook page!