• April of Gargantuan Daemons in Straitjackets!

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    Well, that wasn’t a great word game, but we assure you that our solicits for April Previews are really great! The saga of Marshall Lozen at the Gargantuan book! The second miniseries of Straitjacket ends with the most gore-madness-insanity and horrific way! And at last, we are happy to finally release the trade of Planet of Daemons GN! Magistrate Amos is out there to hunt some daemons in their own turfs!

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    Gargantuan #2

    Writer: Colleen Douglas
    Art: Luis Czerniawski
    Cover: Hugo Petrus
    UPC Code: 689247545743-00211
    28 pages FC

    Sarah is struggling her way in a world ruled by a mad giant!
    Gargantuan; ancient bio machines, fused with alien DNA, buried in the planet intended for use with specific persons carrying the compatible ancestral genes of the designers. Sarah Lozen dreams of them and sees the capabilities of their true power; the future of mankind is earmarked Hominid!

    “With the words of Colleen Douglas, the art by Luis Czerniawski, the covers by Hugo Petrus and the lettering by Ferran Delgado, this story is back bigger than ever!” -El Torres

    Straitjacket vol 2 #4: Othersiders

    Writer: El Torres
    Art: JuanFra MB 
    UPC Code: 689247545729-00411

    The cult is on fire and Alex is on the run from the FBI again. The Third Brother looks for a way to enter into this side… And the only chance the Wagners have to stop him is to step in the Otherside, both of them, with no option to return!

    The Straitjacket series has been optioned for a TV Series! More info soon! A trip to the dark side of the mind and reality, lead by the Wagner brothers. One is dead, the other is insane… or perhaps too sane.

    Check the trailer (sorry, just in Spanish):

    Planet of Daemons GN: The Eye of Lucifer

    Writer: Kevin Gunstone
    Art: Paul Moore, Stefan Mrkonjic 
    Cover: Hugo Petrus
    ISBN: 978-8415225027-51999
    116 pages FC

    Finally, the collected series!
    In the occult realm of the Qliphoth, the former Puritan magistrate Amos Deathridge serves as jailer of the daemons who cast a sinister influence over Earth. Amos witnesses the hatching of a powerful Succubus Queen, a reincarnated soul who shares a puzzling connection to his past and the tragic events that led to his arrival to a Planet of Daemons!.

    With a stunning cover by Hugo Petrus (WONDER WOMAN/JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA) and introduction by Prentis Rollins (author of the Tor Books THE FURNACE), Planet of Daemons: The Eye of Lucifer collects all four issues of this spectacular miniseries of mystery, intrigue, and dark sorcery; and includes process pages, sketchbook and an afterword.

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