February: A cold nasty pill to swallow!

There are new comics from your amigos in this February Previews for you! Straitjacket from El Torres and Juanfra MB; the end of the first volume of The Blackening by Massimo Rosi and the pulp-action in the personal style by Massacre is back with Nasty Pills!

Straitjacket vol 2 #2: Brainwash

Writer: El Torres
Art: JuanFra MB 
UPC Code: 689247545729-00211

Maybe Alex Wagner escaped from the high-security prison, but now she’s trapped in the Otherside! His brother is now in command of her body, wandering in a world strange to him. An easy prey for one brainwashing cult, one commanded by someone who can see that Alex is a body with two souls.

The acclaimed horror miniseries Straitjacket continues! A trip to the dark side of the mind and reality, lead by the Wagner brothers. One is dead, the other is insane… or perhaps too sane. The Straitjacket series has been optioned for a TV Series.

And we even had a short film! Check the trailer (in Spanish):

The Blackening #6

Writer: Massimo Rosi
Art: Samuele Coletti
Color: Renato Stevanato/Antonello Consentino
UPC Code:689247545699-00611
28 pages FC

Last issue of volume one!
Tony’s soul is more like a shadow inside a dead, cold, metal body. He puts everything on the line watching inside the suburban cyber hell, ready to sacrifice everything at this point, but he sadly discovers how much he still has to lose if he doesn’t preserve the only light in that terrible dark world: his daughter.

Nasty Pills #1 (of 2)

Writer: Massacre
Art: Massacre
Color: Dani Seijas
UPC Code:689247545736-00111
48 pages FC

The new pulp-style creation by indie creator Massacre! She’s on a wild rampage after her lover’s death. Driven by drugs and thirst of revenge, May Campbell has a plan and won’t let anyone stop her. But what does she want? What does she seek? Justice, revenge, or a painful and confusing mix of the two? Nasty Pills is the new action thriller brought to you by Amigo!

The indie artist behind the fan-favorites Sidney Hammer and Hidden Blood delivers another crazy pulp-action story with guns, sex and mayhem!

Check out our books in  February Previews! Preorder them (Preferably via your friendly LCS)!

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