• 2019 January is for the Devil… The God of Bad Men!

    by  • October 18, 2018 • Action/Fantasy, Blackening, Blog, God of Bad Men

    We amigos begin the New Year with a book that will give you the chills, the action and… perhaps some food for thought.

    From the mind of Colleen Douglas (Titan), comes the miniseries God of Bad Men, with the art of Chris Zero and the lettering and design by Ferran Delgado!

    Be prepared for our solicits of February… Some scary surprises in there!

    God of Bad Men #1

    Writer: Colleen Douglas
    Art: Chris Zero 
    Letters:Ferran Delgado
    Cover A: Chris Zero 
    UPC Code: 689247545712-00111

    Cover B: David Birchman
    UPC Code: 689247545712-00121

    Your God hates you. So, why don’t deal with the Devil?
    Raymond Landy, an alcoholic with a crumbling screenwriting career and an inoperable brain tumor, meets inmate Makro Nomac, a space fugitive, at a maximum security asylum. Makro insists Ray’s tumor contains the origin of God. That’s when things take a turn for the worse; Ray learns his tumor is a malfunctioning data bullet placed there by Makro and he has only seven days left to live.

    Colleen Douglas explores the truth behind the Fallen Angel mixed with an epic, plenty of action, Sci-Fi story! The artwork by artist Chris Zero is dynamic, crazy and full of detail. Also, there’s an alternate cover by David Birchman!

    Cover B by David Bircham

    The Blackening #4

    Writer: Massimo Rosi
    Art: Eduardo Mello
    Color: Giuliani
    UPC Code:689247545699-00411
    28 pages FC

    “Keep fighting. Keep evolving,” is what Tony thinks, desperate to find his daughter. In the suburban hell of Phoenix, Tony’s body is changing to face the criminals who stole his child, turning him more and more into a machine, to where his humanity ends.

    In a world where humanity was forced to regenerate itself, replacing the bodies with sophisticated machines, Tony is one of the few still humans that still enjoy feeling the simple pleasures of life… but everything goes to hell when his companion dies and his daughter is abducted.

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