• December 2018 Solicitations: Crossing Over In Hell

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    At last! The links between the worlds of Amigo Comics will be revealed, and the characters of publishing house Amigo Comics will finally meet each other! 

    A series of one-shots where the heroes and anti-heroes meet!  In this first issue, the Lady of the Chainsaw fights the Survivor of the Apocalypse in a duel to the death… in Hades! Nancy in Hell vs The Apocalypse Girl!

    Also, we have more sci-fi in The Blackening and more horror in Phantasmagoria! And even a new Sallybooks title: 2200: The adventures of Fran and Picky!

    Phantasmagoria #4 (of 5)

    Writer: El Torres
    Art: Rodrigo Zayas and Juanma Cañada Aguilera
    Cover: Ángel Hernández 
    UPC Code: 689247545682-004111
    28 pages FC

    Where the rogue magician Drood has an outburst of heroism, where Professor Hawke reveals his weariness, and where the Ghost Lens sheds light over the hidden reality to the eyes of all London.

    From the Eisner-nominated El Torres and the covers by Angel Hernandez (Green Lantern/Star Trek) comes the horror in the Victorian Age! This issue introduces the art by Rodrigo Zayas!

    Remember our video presentation… yes, AGAIN!

    Crossover! #1

    Writer: El Torres
    Art: Alberto Hernández
    UPC Code: 689247545705-00111

    At last! The links between the worlds will be revealed, and the characters of Amigo Comics will meet each other! A series of one-shots where our heroes meet! In this first issue, the Lady of the Chainsaw fights the Survivor of the Apocalypse in a duel to the death… in Hell! Nancy in Hell vs The Apocalypse Girl!

    With the excellent art by Alberto Hernández, this series with plenty of humor and action, may reveal some of the ties that hold the Amigoverse. Do we have even an Amigoverse? Hmm… not sure of that.

    The Blackening #3

    Writer: Massimo Rosi
    Art: Eduardo Mello
    Color: Anelli
    UPC Code:689247545699-00311
    28 pages FC

    Tony’s artificial body is in pieces, abandoned in a rusty dump, devoured by the cold desperation of memories. But the last thing to die is hope, even in the eternal darkness of the slums, and it will change the spirit of the broken man, inside the soul of the machine

    In a world where humanity was forced to regenerate itself, replacing the bodies with sophisticated machines, Tony is one of the few still humans that still enjoy feeling the simple pleasures of life… but everything goes to hell when his companion dies and his daughter is abducted.


    Boys and girls, welcome to Sallybooks, a publishing house where the little readers are the protagonists!  Imaginative books for clever children from 0 to 90 years old! To know more of Sallybooks, click here! (In Spanish)

    2200: The Adventures of Fran and Picky

    Writer: Lain de Macías
    Artist: Dani Blanc
    ISBN:  978-8417255183-50995
    OCT181402– STL101462
    7,87 x 10,23 inches. 72 pages,  FC.

    For ages 6+

    Planet Earth, the year 2200. Fran awakes in a deserted funfair, next to a speaking bird called Picky, and they will become adventure mates. This is an original story that will make you enjoy the future.

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