• November is for Ghost Wolf, Cthulhu… and more ghosts!

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    This November the Spanish publisher Amigo Comics will bring you the best of Indy, horror, sword & sorcery! And with Bram and Weasel facing of Cthulhu… things are getting hazy! Rogues: The Shadow Over Gerada, final issue!

    Amigo Comics also shows the next episode The Blackening: pleasure versus regeneration in a brand new science fiction series! And we say YES again to Victorian Age Horror with the Spanish Master Of Horror in the third issue of  PhantasmagoriaDo not forget Ghost Wolf volume 2: The Horde of Fangs, which collects the hard-to-find second mini-series!

    And we have a new Sallybooks tale for new readers,: SWIM GROZ!

    Phantasmagoria #3 (of 5)

    Writer: El Torres
    Art: Juanma Cañada Aguilera
    Cover: Ángel Hernández 
    UPC Code: 689247545682-003111
    28 pages FC

    What is the story behind Professor Hawke and the rogue magician Drood? A friendship that goes back thousands of years… a bitter enmity in recent centuries. Meanwhile, the Ghost Lens begins to call The Intruders to bring doom to London… And perhaps to the entire world!

    From the Eisner-nominated El Torres and the covers by Angel Hernandez (Green Lantern/Star Trek) comes the horror in the Victorian Age! This issue introduces the art by Juanma Aguilera!

    Remember our video presentation!

    Rogues Vol 6. The Shadow Over Gerada #5

    Writer: El Torres
    Art: Jordi Armengol
    Color: Verónica R. López
    Cover: Jordi Armengol
    Alternate Cover: Diego Olmos
    UPC Code: 713482801897-00511

    Alternate cover: SEP181453 – STL098303
    UPC Code:713482801897—00521 (ratio 10:1)
    28 pages FC

    The final issue of the Rogues vs the Mythos! To save Gerada, their lives, and their favorite tavern, Bram and Weasel face the Great Kat-Thoo-Loo, or Cthool-hoo, or Cthulhu, or whatever the name is, in the dark island of R’lyeh and things go down the tubes. But for who?!

    And as our guests in the incentive cover (served 1:10, very limited quantities), we are proud to introduce you Florencia Sofen and Francesc Gascó in our very first Cosplay cover, photographed by Fali Ruiz Dávila! 

    The Blackening #2

    Writer: Massimo Rosi
    Art: Eduardo Mello
    Color: Anelli
    UPC Code:689247545699-00211
    SEP181449- STL098300
    28 pages FC

    Tony’s desperate search to find his beloved daughter continues, sinking lower and lower into the dark reaches of the futuristic city of Phoenix. Police can’t do much and the forces of Epicuros haven’t destroyed little Skye yet. Only her father cares about her. And it is time for him to descend even deeper… to arm himself!

    In a world where humanity was forced to regenerate itself, replacing the bodies with sophisticated machines, Tony is one of the few still humans that still enjoy feeling the simple pleasures of life… but everything goes to hell when his companion dies and his daughter is abducted.


    Writer: El Torres
    Artist: JuanFra MB
    ISBN Code: 978-8409001569-51999
    116 pages Color
    TEEN +

    Mara: mother of the warrior Lif and the seer witch, Thrud. Honor bound by tradition to the tale told a thousand times. A horde of callous warriors is laying waste to the Northern lands, and the true Ghost Wolf is with them! Mara should fight the one she worships… risking the loss of her family!
    This volume compiles the entire hard-to-find miniseries!


    Boys and girls, welcome to Sallybooks, a publishing house where the little readers are the protagonists!  Imaginative books for clever children from 0 to 90 years old! To know more of Sallybooks, click here! (In Spanish)

    Swim, Groz!

    Artist: Migüel
    ISBN: 978-8417255183-50995
    SEP181454 – STL098305
    7,87 x 7,87 inches. 52 pages,  FC.

    For ages 3+

    A new day is coming and little Groz is very happy because mum is teaching him to swim. Although swimming is more complicated than he thought, thanks to mum and dad, and with the help of his friends, Groz will learn even more than he could think.

    Check out our books in  SEPTEMBER Previews! Preorder them (Preferably via your friendly LCS)!

    And most important… read them!


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