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    Be ready to check your Previews June solicits! Because this August we have a very special menu for you! Mixing the blazing heat of the Hellish wastelands with Nancy in Hell and The Apocalypse Girl and we mix it up with the cold of outer space with Titan and the remastered and re-solicited Jack Kirby & Wallace Wood’s Skymasters of the Space Force. We will serve it up with a side-dish of Sword & Sorcery done right with Rogues…  with an alternate cover from none other than maestro SALVADOR LARROCA himself!

    And in our line of children’s and young people’s books, Sallybooks presents another wonderful self-concluding volume: Mateo And The Flower Of The Rain.

    Let’s check them out!

    Titan #4 (of 4): Samsara

    Writer: Colleen Douglas
    Art: André Stahlschmidt
    Color: Wesllei Manoel
    UPC Code: 713482801873-00411
    28 pages FC

    Samsara: The time for reckoning has arrived, Titan, the Cosmic God and Mother of Monsters- has reached maturity. All actions have consequences; immunity does not apply. The rule is simple: None Shall Be Greater Than Another.  Debts must be paid, the currency accepted blood and death

    If you missed the wonderful mini-series by  Colleen Douglas and the art of André Stahlschmidt you’ll never forgive yourself! A Science Fiction twist about the Lovecraftian entities… As you’ve never seen them before! The ages have now changed, requiring the Old Ones to adapt to a modern society and all that entails. But their feuds are not forgotten!

    A new, bold vision of the cosmic horror entities!


    Rogues Vol 6. The Shadow Over Gerada #2

    Writer: El Torres
    Art: Jordi Armengol
    Color: Verónica R. López
    Cover: Stefano Martino
    Alternate Cover: Salvador Larroca

    UPC Code: 713482801897-00211

    Alternate cover:JUN181388 – STL087895
    UPC Code:713482801897—00221 (ratio 10:1)
    28 pages FC

    This is the weather forecast for Gerada the coming weeks. Dark clouds, a chance of frog precipitation and strong winds variable due to giant tentacles in the sky. Temperatures will raise due to the strange colors from outer space burning their way through. And, who is to blame? Bram and Weasel, of course! Don’t forget to carry your axe and your sword. And your umbrella.

    El Torres is back telling us the funniest adventures of the craziest thieves in fantasy!  And we keep telling you… You don’t need to have read the other volumes to enjoy Rogues (but we highly recommend it: we need the money).

    And we are really happy to have the arch-popular maestro Salvador Larroca doing our incentive cover, served 1:10, very limited quantities! No logo, no boxes, nothing more than this awesome cover colored by Veronica R. Lopez!

    Nancy in Hell #3

    Writer: El Torres
    Art: Abel Cicero
    Color: Alexandra Thone
    Cover: Ruiz Burgos
    Alternate Cover: Ramiro Borrallo

    UPC Code: 713482801880—00311

    Alternate cover:JUN181386 – STL087899
    UPC Code:713482801880—00321 (ratio 10:1)
    28 pages FC

    The survivor of the underworld keeps to making her way with a chainsaw! Nancy discovers the terrible truth in the Last Church in Hell. There is no escape possible, and more so when Hell, it seems, was once Heaven itself.

    Just for $2,99!

     “This new Nancy In Hell explodes in your hands and mind’s eye like Geoff Darrow’s Shemp Buffet. A wasteland, chainsaws, badass characters and demons galore!”
    – Comicsforsinners

    And don’t forget the retailer variant cover by Ramiro Borrallo!


    RESOLICITED: The Apocalypse Girl #4 (of 4)

    Writer: El Torres
    Art: Ramiro Borrallo
    Cover: Lolita Aldea

    UPC Code: 732030830837—00311
    JUN181383 – STL065664
    32 pages FC

    At last, the conclusion of El Torres and Ramiro Borrallo’s last survivor taler! With the Demon Dukes dead, Metis learns the terrible truth of why she is in this world. And perhaps the Apocalypse is not a good time to fall in love… with either the Angel Sil or the survivor Ollie. Even more so when survivors, demons and angels meet in one last showdown.

    Don’t miss the cover by Lolita Aldea!

    RESOLICITED: SkyMasters of the Space Force: The Complete Sunday Scripts in Color. 1959-1960.

    Writer/Art: Jack Kirby, Wallace Wood, Various
    Cover: Wallace Wood
    ISBN Code: 978-84-16486-79-3
    JUN181389 – STL069209
    HC, 128 pages FC

    Produced by renowned letterer and comic expert Ferran Delgado, with the collaboration of the Kirby Museum! We are immensely proud to present you this oversized deluxe book compiling for first time ever a complete set of Sunday pages of Jack Kirby and Wally Wood‘s Sky Masters of the Space Force, presented in meticulously remastered color along with dozens of never-before-reprinted scrapbook panels!
    It also contains plenty of extras, like twenty original color guides by Kirby himself, a huge section with original art, rare pieces and articles by main experts.
    Resolicited in Previews after only a few copies made it to the US.


    Boys and girls, welcome to Sallybooks, a publishing house where the little readers are the protagonists!  Imaginative books for clever children from 0 to 90 years old! To know more of Sallybooks, click here! (In Spanish)

    Mateo and The Flower of the Rain

    Artist:Moises Escudero
    JUN181384 – STL087905
    7,87 x 10,23 inches. 50 pages,  FC.

    For ages 5+

    Mateo lives in a small town where never rains. He is always afraid of everything but one day he receives a surprise that will change his life forever. This is a story about overcoming, friendship and growing up.

    Check out our books at JUNE Previews! Preorder them (Preferably via your friendly LCS)!

    And most important… read them!


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