More Tales of Rogues, The Forest Calls… and Pasqual Ferry arrives to Amigo!

We the amigos are really honored to welcome maestro Pasqual Ferry into our… euh… lair! You may remember Ferry for his iconic run in Marvel’s Thor and DC’s Adam Strange… and the lucky ones for his run in European comics like La Ruta de la Medusa. But now, he’s doing awesome covers for the amigos! First, in the terrific miniseries Call of the Suicide Forest, created by Desiree Bressend and Ruben Gil, with standard covers by Toni Fejzula.

Desiree also writes the second chapter of Tales of Rogues!  where we introduce new creators and new stories of Bram and Weasel, this time, with art by Jose Antonio Sollero and Juan Manuel Cañada and some stuff about videogames…

Call of the Suicide Forest #2 (of 5)

Writer: Desiree Bressend
Art: Ruben Gil
Cover: Toni Fejzula

UPC Code: 732030830844—00211
DEC171087 – STL071941
Alternate cover: DEC171088 – STL072123
32 pages FC

Close to Mount Fuji lies the Aokigahara forest, the cradle of horrific ghost stories, one gloomy place notorious because of the many people going there to end their own lives…
Portia, haunted by the spectral figures of the Yokai, cannot help but return to the Suicide Forest. The ranger Ryoko, puzzled by the circumstances surrounding the young woman who attempted suicide, finds no solace in her master’s words and approaches the lonely Buddhist monk of Aokigahara: the man called Deshimaru.
This miniseries is the sequel of the acclaimed graphic novel The Suicide Forest, written by El Torres with art by Gabriel Walta, masterfully written by Desiree Bressend with the artwork by Ruben Gil, but it can be read independently. And this time, a Retailer incentive cover, served 1:10, by maestro Pasqual Ferry!

«Bressend and Gil play with the codes of horror by searching outside the genre.»
—Carlos Pacheco
«A disturbing journey on an unsettling path. A superb story.»
—El Torres

Also, Toni Fejzula (Dark Horse’s Dead Inside, Veil…) has created the covers of the miniseries, a set of five connected covers! Check them each month!

Tales of Rogues! #2 (of 6): Games Edge!

Writer: Desiree Bressend
Art: Jose Antonio Sollero
Color: Juanma Cañada
Cover: Pasqual Ferry
UPC Code: 713482801859—00211
DEC171089 – STL071948
32 pages FC

Want to read more stories about Bram and Weasel? Tales of Rogues! are auto-conclusive comics by new, emerging hot artists!

Where are the boundaries between fantasy and reality? Is the world just a video game? Are we the owners of our own actions? Join Greg, the friendless nerd, following Weasel in a world of adventure games with dragons, chickens, and enchantresses with ambiguous genitalia!

Desiree Bressend is the amazing writer behind Call of the Suicide Forestand has also collaborated with Jose Antonio Sollero in Spanish comics like Spanish Civil War: 1937. Their approach to Rogues! in this self-conclusive story will knock your socks off!

Each month, we will present a book with a different team. Some stories take place in the Rogues continuity, but others are «elseworlds». We just wanted to give our creators complete freedom to show how cool their stories and their skills are!


Check out our books at DEC Previews, page 270! Preorder them! Read them!

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