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    by  • May 19, 2016 • Nancy in Hell

    Nancy in Hell is a popular comic series written by El Torres and drawn by Juan José Ryp and Enrique Lopez Lorenzana. Earlier this year El Torres planned a new Nancy comic and as plans were being made to promote the comic it was decided that a short video clip would be a fun way to promote the new series.

    Some actors and crew came on board and things were looking really great. Suddenly there was an unexpected request; a meeting with a network executive who had heard about our plans to make a film! He wanted to hear more about it and organized a meeting. To make a long story short: we have the chance to make Nancy in Hell a TV series but there must be a pitch to other network executives before the final decisions are made. Because the executive had heard about the film we were planning to make, he requested that we continue with that plan and use it for the pitch.

    The original film was going to be quite simple, just some cool shots etc. But now we need to come up with something a bit more compelling! We have a film crew ready to shoot, amongst them is a lot of experience. The shoot will take place in Australia where we can capture a Hellish environment as seen in films like Mad Max Fury Road (conveniently many of our crew worked on this film). The shoot will happen in June 2016 and will cover Nancy’s first day in Hell.

    So, please, contribute to make Nancy in Hell… real!

    nancy needs you

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