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    by  • February 21, 2015 • Metallic Silence, Rogues

    Amigo Comics is proud to introduce you METALLIC SILENCE, a two-issues story that introduces you into the dystopian future of AZUL y NEGRO. Azul y Negro were pioneers of synth and electropop in Spain, and reached international success with their hits. Now, with the release of their new album with the same title, we the amigos have created this comic that accompanies the enjoyment of the album. With words by El Torres, and artwork by Angel Hernández (DC’s Infinity Crisis, Fight for the Multiverse, The Westwood Witches, Ghost Wolf).
    The readers of Metallic Silence (the comic book) will have access through a code to legally download Overture, the first song of the album.
    The book has been featured as “Certified Cool” in Previews!

    But if that isn’t enough for you, the fun romp of Rogues! continues, with the artwork by Nacho Tenorio and Sergio Mora (Army of Darkness, Alice Cooper). So preorder our books if you don’t want to pay the triple in Ebay because they sold out quickly!

    Rogues Vol 4 Odd Parenthood issue #3


    Bram and Weasel have lost the baby at the hands of Ditkotomous, the hired wizard. But they are decided to rescue him. Even if that means to change diapers again! Nacho Tenorio, Sergio Mora (Army of Darkness) and El Torres continue with the funniest fantasy saga ever!

    Writer: El Torres
    Artists: Nacho Tenorio, Sergio Mora
    Cover Artist: Nacho Tenorio, Sergio Mora
    UPC Code: 700598854251-00311

    Metallic Silence


    This is the future. A future where everyone is trying to escape. Through starships, through virtual worlds, through drinking. Basso is a musician in a world where no one cares about music. A musician who just lost his true love, Caroline, to the hands of the smuggler Mannequin.

    Based in the electronic music of the notorious Spanish group “Azul y Negro”, this two issues miniseries invites you to a world of music and comics. A code to download Azul y Negro songs will be available within this issue.

    Writer: El Torres
    Artists: Angel Hernández
    Cover Artist: Diego Galindo
    UPC Code: 708022654095-00111

    Bleeding Cool echoes our release. And if you want to read the first pages…

    And enjoy the video promo.


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