• Once upon December… Lots and lots of series!

    by  • October 24, 2014 • Beast Commandos, Blog, Rogues, Roman Ritual

    Oh, December! Can you hear the Christmas Carols? Feel the wamth of your cozy pajamas? Imagine a fat man dressed in red throwing trash down your chimeney? Yeah, December’s an awesome time… Especially for comics!

    Rogues! Volume 3, Issue #4

    The people of Gerada turn to The Church of the Holy Rising, which turns out to be a threat awaiting to rise. The Chief Magistrate, left with no choice, seeks the help of the only rogues that ever escaped alive from the Crypt of the Rotten Gods. Who do you think they are?
    Writer: El Torres
    Artists: Abel Cicero
    Cover Artist: MKRumor
    UPC Code: 700598854213-00411

    Roman Ritual #4


    Exorcist John Brennan has finally found the entrance that the demons used to break into the Vatican. But expelling them may be beyond his powers, for their source roots deeply into the ecclesiastic hierarchy. The conclusion of this horror tale of possessions in the very core of the Catholic Church, written by horror maestro El Torres!

    Writer: El Torres
    Artist: Jaime Martínez
    Cover Artists: Roger Bonet & Sandra Molina
    UPC Code: 700598854244 -00411


    Beast Commandos #4


    An epic finale where Darkshark and his companions will reveal the truth (what truth?) beating the crap out of… everything! An epic finale full of death and destruction… just like the previous issues! An epic finale full of… epic finales with lots of… uh… epicness! Epic finale! Yes!

    Writer: Roger Bonet
    Artists: Roger Bonet & Sonia Moruno
    Cover Artist: Sonia Moruno
    UPC Code: 700598854237 -00411


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