• Rogues, Priests and Sharks coming up this November!

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    Winter’s coming, and now that the Cold Ship’s journey is over, it’s time to let our dear Rogues get you real warm, caliente… BURNING, even!

    Rogues! The Burning Heart #3

    When the government crumbles and both the aristocracy and army flee for their lives, only a small group will stand between the fire god and Gerada’s total destruction… an army of rogues leaded by Bram and Weasel! The last issue of the original series created by Juan José Ryp and El Torres!
    Writer: El Torres
    Artists: Juan José Ryp & Roger Bonet
    Cover Artist: Ruiz Burgos
    UPC Code: 700598854213-00311

    Uh-oh! These guys don't look too friendly! Art by Ryp

    Uh-oh! These guys don’t look too friendly! Art by Ryp

    Roman Ritual #3


    “Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness.” Exorcist John Brennan learns the horrible truth behind the Vatican possession, and he finds himself helpless before what seems the end of the Catholic Church. Feel pure terror crawling in your skin in this new issue of El Torres’s horror masterpiece!

    Writer: El Torres
    Artist: Jaime Martínez
    Cover Artists: Enrique Lorenzana & Ittai Manero
    UPC Code: 700598854244 -00311


    Beast Commandos #3


    Now that the Beast Commando is finally reunited… these tough guys are determined to give Don Walrus’s minions some of their own medicine! On their way to Don Walrus’s mansion, Darkshark and his friends discover the terrible plan of the narco lord. Will they survive another issue with tons of fun, destruction and duck shooting!

    Writer: Roger Bonet
    Artists: Roger Bonet & Sonia Moruno
    Cover Artist: Roger Bonet
    UPC Code: 700598854237 -00311


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