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    Are you prepared for the comic book experience of your lifetime? We have angry sharks destroying everything, we have Juan Jose Ryp’s Rogues destroying everything, and we even have demons in the Vatican destroying everything! Yes, you might say we are destructive people… but the amigos do it for the sake of fun!

    Rogues! The Burning Heart #2

    Escape from a crocodile pit. Avoid the wraith of a magician. Get a mythical jewel. Run from the wraith of a noble general. Run from a sect devoted to an angry fire god. Run from the fire god himself. Being a rogue has never been easy!
    White-knuckle action with the awesome art by Juan José Ryp, in his first graphic novel ever, now remastered!
    Writer: El Torres
    Artist: Juan José Ryp
    Cover Artist: Ruiz Burgos
    UPC Code: 700598854213-00211

    Sneak Peek: A double- splashing-splash page!

    Sneak Peek: A double- splashing-splash page! Art by Ryp

    Roman Ritual #2


    How can an exorcist who is losing his faith face the most horrible demonic possession ever? This time, the possessed one is neither a child nor a woman, but the head of the Catholic Church. That would mean the end of the Church…and there is even more of a horrible mystery behind this possession.

    Writer: El Torres
    Artist: Jaime Martínez
    Cover Artist: Ángel Hernández
    UPC Code: 700598854244 -00211

    Sneak Peek: A scary possessed nun!

    Sneak Peek: A scary possessed nun! Art by Jaime Martinez


    Beast Commandos #2


    DarkShark is alone. His last encounter with NarcoWalrus went really badly. That only means he needs to punch harder – and put out a call to arms to his former companions! Franchelico, the kung-fu disco turtle; Rider, the Rabbit of Anarchy; Woody, the unclassifiable green dog; and Corporal Stiff, the amiable dolphin!

    Writer: Roger Bonet
    Artist: Roger Bonet & Sonia Moruno
    Cover Artist: Roger Bonet & Sonia Moruno
    UPC Code: 700598854237 -00211

    Sneak Peek: The evil Buttface! Art by Roger Bonet & Sonia Moruno

    Sneak Peek: The evil Buttface! Art by Roger Bonet & Sonia Moruno


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