• The September Three

    by  • June 25, 2014 • Beast Commandos, Rogues, Roman Ritual

    Amigo Comics is excited to announce THREE debuting titles for September 2014 shipping; sword and sorcery with Juan José Ryp (Clone, Wolverine The Best There Is) and El Torres, who also brings us some horror with Jaime Martínez and Diego Galindo and beastly laughs with Roger Bonet! Join the fun at Amigo Comics and be our amigo!

    Rogues, The Burning Heart. issue #1 (of 5) (MR)

    Writer: El Torres
    Artist: Juan José Ryp
    Cover Artist:  Juan José Ryp (wraparound cover)

    At last! The long-lost story where the Rogues were born, now remastered and with brand new extra pages. Follow the first adventure of Bram and Weasel: They hit jackpot robbing a nobleman, and now they own a unique jewel that everyone in Gerada -from thieves, to soldiers and mages- want to posses

    Item Code: JUL140783
    In Shops: 9/24/2014
    SRP: $3.99

    Beast Commandos #1 (OF 4) (MR)

    Writer: Roger Bonet
    Artist: Roger Bonet, color by Sonia Moruno
    Cover Artist:  Diego Galindo

    If you think that White Sharks are bad, prepare yourself to meet DarkShark! A commando in a solo mission – hunting down Don Walrus the Narco, an evil drug lord and gun-addict – with a water gun, guy is in rehab. But Walrus controls the Duckong and brutal mercenaries! Did you miss all the gun-toting grim-and-gritty nonsense from the 90’s? This is your book! Guns! Poaches! Grinned teeth! Duck shooting!

    Item Code: JUL140782
    In Shops: 9/24/2014
    SRP: $3.99

    Roman Ritual #1 (of 5) (MR)

    Writer: El Torres
    Artist: Jaime Martínez & Diego Galindo
    Cover Artist:  Diego Galindo & Áurea Muñoz

    A new horror miniseries by El Torres! A murder involving a cardinal is shaking the Vatican, so cruel and vicious that goes far beyond any crime and conspiracy that may have taken place in the Vatican before. The self-exiled priest John Brennan is summoned to Rome as the boldest exorcist in the Church because there is an ancient evil spreading within the Holy See itself.

    Item Code: JUL140784
    In Shops: 9/24/2014
    SRP: $3.99


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