• Amigos, Margaritas and the new releases of July

    by  • June 24, 2014 • Blog, Ghost Wolf, Lunita, Rogues

    Hello Amigos, we know you’re really cool guys, and that your ultimate concerns are wrestling, having enough tequila and wondering what will AmigoComics surprise you with every month. We can’t do anything about the first two, but we’re proud to satisfy your third need. These are the new issues AmigoComics will bring you in July:

      LUNITA #4


    Story by: Xavier Morell

    Art by: Iván Sarnago

    Cover Art by: Sergi San Julián

    The last issue of Lunita’s thrilling adventure is coming out in July. Are you gonna miss it? The plan has gone terribly wrong, and the Mermaids have declared war upon mankind. Lunita must face them and stop the massacre — even by paying with her own life if it was required! The fantastic run of the daughter of the Moon concludes with a shocking finale! Here’s a little preview so you can begin drooling.



    2014-06-AMIGO copia

    Story by: El Torres

    Drawn by: Ángel Hernández

    Color by: Ester Sanz

    Cover Art by: Joan Vives

    Mara’s story will come to an end this July. But don’t be sad, as it is, after all, “The Story Told One Thousand Times”. For now, enjoy the wonderful outcome of this story full of action, blood and revenge. The ancient demons known as the Hungry Ones have taken over the North, and not even the female berserker Mara, masquerading as the Ghost Wolf, can stop them! But, what if the original Spirit of Flight could be summoned once more? Don’t miss the amazing inside art of Ghost Wolf #4.

    ROGUES! #4

    2013-01- AMIGO2 copia

    Story by: El Torres

    Drawn by: Lolita Aldea

    Color by: Sandra Molina

    Cover Art by: Lolita Aldea

    The Cold Ship is getting close to its end. But keep calm, you will still be able to enjoy oe more month of this freezing story that Bram and Weasel have stumbled upon. At last! What is a fantasy book without dragons? Here you have one! Just like in those tales so big and old. But perhaps he is not exactly what you would expect. Bram and Weasel will face the wyrm Armod – or face the wrath of Hakon and his undead crew of draugr!


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